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DWTS Season 15: Week 3 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Thu, Oct 11, 2012 @ 08:10 AM

DWTS Week 3 groupSometimes, non-designers come up with incredible designs, as the case with the ‘stars’ this week, acting as their own creative directors - the role that the DWTS’s professional dancers are usually in charge of. Of course with any amateur doing a professional job, the professionals were needed to lend a hand in taking the ‘stars’ concepts from ideas to reality. I am also sure that the lighting director, costume designers and of course the choreographers (the pro-dancers) offered their advice and most likely steered the ‘stars’ in a good direction.

I think everyone was impressed with the really creative results, this week! Having the ‘stars’ pick from a previous, choreographed routine really gave the ‘stars’ a starting point. ALL the routines were fun and exciting, from the dancing to the costumes to all the special effects that were incorporated.

Kelly and Val Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueI gave two couples a 10 for both the women’s and men’s costumes. I LOVED Kelly and Val’s and Bristol and Mark’s Paso Doble costumes. Both sets of costumes were equally stunning for the men as well as for the women. Bravo!

I didn’t like Val with a naked chest to begin with, but was excited when Kelly slipped on a stunning gold trimmed, traditional red matador jacket! The high-rise waisted pant with the lace-up cummerbund on Val, with the metallic lace appliqués and the drapery tassels - yummy! Kelly’s light-weight and fluid, ankle-length dress sparkles with hundreds, if not thousands of jet rhinestones on the black fishnet lace, over a base dress of red charmeuse. The black leather accents kept her costume very edgy, yet the costume oozed femininity.

I loved the ice queen and dorky king costumes worn by Bristol and Mark! All the various design elements - I loved. The feather collar and sleeveless cape were features that created a dramatic silhouette. The fluidity of the white charmeuse skirt, the deep ‘V’ created by the faux nude section on the front, and the open back were beautiful features. Mark’s whimsical trim on his quirky costume was ‘edgy’ and fun. His costume didn’t look ‘costume-y’ but very classy.

DWTS Cheryl

The opposite of classy, stylishly trimmed costumes, were Emmitt and Cheryl’s Paso Doble ensembles. Emmitt - I don’t think you should go into costume design! The gold beaded/sequined appliqués looked like they were stuck on as an afterthought. The basic costumes were OK, but nothing special. The trim detracted rather enhancing these costumes.

Another amateurish costume this week was Louis’ costume - especially the shirt. Not because anything looked ‘stuck on’, but because of the extra features that weren’t necessary. The back of his shirt included a sort of diamond section that was a matching purple mesh, outlined with leather banding. This extra design detail was unnecessary and detracted from the classiness of his outfit. Sabrina’s purple outfit had some fun features, with the half-skirt and the over-the-knee boots. The front of the costume included a sort of pointy little ‘skirt-lette’ and matching point on the bodice. It seemed sort of elflike…or maybe purple flavored chocolate kisses? Yes, it elongated her body, but it was a little hokey!

Sabrina Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueKristie and Maks’ Cha Cha costumes fit their idea of Mick Jagger and a groupie, but the costumes were nothing special. Any guy can wear tight pants - really low-rise, right? (OK, provided you have a body like Maks!) Maks’ vest was lined with an animal print fabric - that was fun, and his wig and makeup really transformed his looks.

Generally, all the costumes were really good, this week. Besides my two favorite couples, the women with fabulous costumes this week, were Anna, Melissa, Karina, Chelsie and Shawn. No flaws, in my opinion - with Shawn’s Quick Step white pin-striped pant suit. Her vest (with modified ‘tails’) was young and cute, and paired with a coordinating outfit, worn my Derrek, they were classy and tailored, with just the right amount of glitz. By using the same fabric for the vest and her trousers, along with vertical and diagonal design details, her short physique was elongated and flattered.

Giles and Peta’s Tango costumes…I loved the sexy lingerie look for Peta. The combination of the matte double-georgette and shiny charmeuse that were used in the back ‘skirt’ were both very lightweight and fluid. The bustier and thigh-high stockings were trashy yet chic! Giles wore traditional tuxedo trousers (with rhinestones on the side stripes) with a traditional white shirt and necktie. Worn very well, of course!

Anna was wearing a tasteful and flattering Cha Cha costume. Her opening white skirt pulled off to reveal a black mesh-based costume with panels of beaded fringe and lots of glitz. It was ‘fashion forward’ with lots of attractive diagonals and turquoise, green, blue and pink large ‘jewels’. Drew was so, so boring in his hoodie, tuxedo pants (oh, but with blue side stripes…woo-hoo!) and leather vest. Yawn! I also didn’t feel that Anna and Drew really coordinated…sexy hot little costume and boring street apparel?

DWTS KarinaI LOVED Karina’s Fox Trot two-piece costume! The Palazzo-styled pants (fuller legs…nearly a skirt silhouette) in a black mesh, with understated mesh sort-of-ruffles were beautiful when she moved. The sheer white mesh leotard top even had a back detail that was pretty (she usually has unattractive nude elastics across her back). Apolo wore a glitzy pin-striped suit with a white shirt and tie. Something any guy could wear.

Melissa and Tony coordinated Samba costumes could have coordinated just a ‘tad’ better. If Tony’s shirt were a darker pink and darker gray pant), I think I would have liked their look better. However, I did enjoy Melissa’s printed and ruffled short little skirt (I successfully ignored -for the most part- her rhinestoned coverage of her ‘tramp stamp’ tatoo.) Her fringed and bejeweled bra top had a multi-colored bejeweled back strap and neck piece, but then nude elastic shoulder straps. Why?

I enjoyed Helio and Chelsie’s Quick Step black and white costumes. Helio seems to love the pin-striped Zoot Suit look, definitely over the top. His hat band was trimmed with rhinestones, as was his tie. Chelsie’s horizontal striped dress with white petticoat under the mermaid section of the costume was youthful and cute. The flaw? There was a blank spot on her back, where there should have been a black band across her back - joining her black straps and black extended sides to her bodice. I didn’t find a back photo to show this sad omission to her costuming.

So, in conclusion, I enjoyed almost all aspects of most the costumes, with just a few exceptions. The men’s costumes still included many very ‘safe’ (read ‘boring’) costumes but most coordinated well with their partner’s looks. I’ll be missing the couples that were voted off, but the season continues to be really fun!

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