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DWTS Season 16: Week 1 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Mar 20, 2013 @ 13:03 PM

Finally! Dancing With the Stars has resumed. With no spring in sight, here in Minnesota, what better to keep occupied with in the evenings, than watching the glitz and glamour of sort-of-stars and dancing pros.


Week 1 Group

My TV buddies, Tom and Brooke are welcomed back into my living room, along with Bruno, Len and Carrie Ann. As usual, there were some fabulous gowns and costumes, some average to slightly above average, and then some boring or down right ugly.

Which were my favorites? My favorite female costume was worn by Cheryl. I LOVED her red mesh and beaded fringe ensemble. It was fresh and unique. I liked that the design had interesting diamond shapes (cut outs) and shoulder details. I loved that there was only a narrow slit of skin showing at the front midriff and that there were no nude elastics, but a swath of fabric creating the structure to hold the dress together on her back. There were also nice angles created by the line of the skirt fringe.


Week 1 Cheryl

Down just a slight notch, were Lisa's hot pink Fox Trot gown, Zendaya's blue and yellow printed Contemporary costume, Peta's red charmeuse Fox Trot gown, and Dorothy's baby blue chiffon Contemporary dress.

Lisa's dress had lots of interesting texture and good lines. It was flattering for her, and except for the deep back with a single nude elastic anchoring it in place, wearable by any aged dancer. This elastic could have been replaced with a nude mesh section to match the front. I loved the wide hemline banding detail and liked the mesh, rhinestoned sleeves and bodice.
Zendaya's Spandex blue leotard paired with her loud, printed crepe de chine skirt was suitably young, yet sophisticated. It was pretty and classy. The high-low skirt hem added interest.

Peta's bright red gown helped her channel Marilyn Monroe and was stunning and sexy. The deeper red beading/rhinestoning was an exquisite accent to the lipstick red charmeuse gown. Of course nude elastic held the dress on, and in place (the only flaw, in my book).

Dorothy was so charming in her fluid baby blue, short dress, with bodice ruching and two layers of slightly different colors of wispy skirt. It was simple, tasteful, sophisticated and not overly embellished - suitable for their dance category.

More average, but looking good, included Kellie's silver beaded fringed Cha Cha costume. It was pretty, flattering for her perfect, young body with a very open back, held together with nude elastic, of course. It helps to be permanently perky - less support is needed in a costume, just a narrow strap or two will do! I wasn't blown away, because I've seen this dress many times.
Lindsay's asymmetrical, yellow chiffon Fox Trot gown was pretty, with its ruching and rhinestoning, but was too bare with too many nude elastics to hold it together.

Sharma's white chiffon Fox Trot gown was classy with nice 'V' shapes, ruching and rhinestoning. It incorporated wonderful ostrich feather tufts to decorate the lower skirt. Of course it had a very open back.

Week 1 WynonnaWynonna's black Cha Cha costume was attractive and flattering for her,except for the shiny charmeuse sleeves. The sleeves would have been more flattering if they would have been cut from the matte fabric that was used for the main part of her dress. The shiny sleeves draws attention to her thick upper arms...not the best plan. There were nice diagonals and the silver shoulder embellishments focussed on her upper bodice, instead of her torso area. The charmeuse godet insets in her skirt, and wide hem banding drew your eye to her legs.

Kym's pale pink chiffon skirt and simple lace bra-top suited her Contemporary routine. Both the top and attached panty were rhinestoned. This was a so-so costume simply because Contemporary dances call for minimally embellished, detailed and silhouetted.

Alexandra's hot pink, fringed Cha Cha costume overpowered her compact frame. The overly long beaded and chainette fringe swings out, when dancing, and totally overpowers her shape, making this costume unattractive and unflattering. The horizontal neckline also reinforces the stocky shape that was created. This costume might work on a toothpick shaped dancer, but not on a well-muscled, compact Olympic gymnast.

Week 1 AlexandraThere was way too much fringe embellishing this week's show, and way too much fringe on my least favorite costume this week. Karina's purple Cha Cha's costume was not classy. It was trashy and overdone with too many diagonal swaths of fringe interspersed with skin. Ugly...

The men’s costumes? Derek was boring except with a little touch of glitz on his collar. Victor was boringly dapper in his grey suit. Ingo was boring in his wife beater undershirt and sweat pants. Gleb was debonair in his black trimmed, white dinner jacket ensemble. D.L. was boring in his sleeveless red shirt, after a neon-trimmed jacket was ripped off at the beginning of his dance performance,

Val was so-so until you looked at his striped socks and yellow shoes. (No, I didn’t care for these accessories!) Sean's red brocade jacket was colorful but not really interesting. Mark was boring with basics and spats. Tristan was cute and fun in his ragamuffin outfit. Tony was pretty ordinary in his vested outfit. Andy was totally dapper in his black tails. Jacoby was masculine in his purple shirt with stoned gold, open bow tie.

Hopefully the costumes next week will be interesting, and maybe we will see something more exciting with the men’s costumes?

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