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Hot Costume Care Tip - Taking Care of Costumes During The Season

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Jan 05, 2011 @ 08:01 AM

Do you have team members that don't take care of their costumes during your competitive season? Are their costumes always the wrinkled ones? Do their costumes always smell bad–or at least–worse than others? What should you do – what are your options?

Of course prevention is ALWAYS the best policy. How can you prevent this?

  1. Have one person in charge of the costumes between performances, so they are always properly cared for. If this is NOT possible or practical, proceed to the next couple of options.
  2. Reward good behavior– perhaps offer points for good habits (the top point-getters could win a dinner out, or a discount on the next years costume fee, for example):
    • Points for not losing the costume or accessories
    • Points for having the costume on it's hanger, not in a wadded up ball in the bottom of the garment bag
    • Points for bringing a possible mending issue to the attention of the costume oversight person
    • Points for laundering correctly, if this is possible and part of their responsibility
    • Or maybe start with a block of points and subtract for problems?
  3. Levy a fine for each problem (the opposite behavior from the points suggestions, above)
  4. Assign a Costume Care Fee at the beginning of the season, so that when/if problems come up, there are funds to professionally clean or repair costumes, or if necessary – replace ruined costumes.

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