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DWTS Season 19 Week 6: Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Oct 22, 2014 @ 13:10 PM

The men on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ this week either wore dapper suits or went shirt-less, with the exception of Derek.  Derek wore a really fun gray jacket with interesting black color-blocking and metal zippers and buttons which was the only men’s costume worth talking about.  Regardless, the tailoring was superb this week including Allison’s suit.

Several of the ladies donned truly outstanding costumes, even though many were a little lackluster.  

Mark Sadie

The first costume that stood out to me was Sadie’s Rumba costume. It was beautiful, totally feminine, and I loved it. It had fabulous visual flow with cascading double-georgette, light pink, non-stretch fabric, combined with a rhinestoned white bodice. The sash and ruching zigged across the front of her dress and the result was elegant, yet sweet. Her back was open, with some elastics that distracted, but overall, it was a fabulous costume!

Artem Lea

I also loved Lea’s bright blue Salsa costume which coordinated nicely with Artem’s tailored, bright blue jacket. Her bodice had great visual flow, with straps zig-zagging across the front, with matching mesh between them. Her flippy skirt was made of light-weight, drapey satin charmeuse, with a layer of sheer organza under, creating a touch of a petticoat look. A total of four different fabrics were used, and they matched – which is a difficult thing to do, when you are coordinating both stretch and non-stretch fabrics.

Derek Bethany

Next on my ‘like’ list, was Bethany & Derek dancing the Tango. Individually, both costumes looked great!  As I mentioned, I really liked Derek’s jacket, but it didn’t necessarily coordinate very well with Bethany.  Her bodice either had large mirrors or very large silver paillettes all over it. Her neckline was a halter with a spiky necklace connected to her costume. Her skirt was made of a sheer, glitter, possibly tissue lame fabric with an extra wide horsehair braid, giving dimension to her hemline. This costume was very refreshing and unique, as it wasn’t a ‘recycle’ of previous costumes!

Alfonso Witney

Finishing off the competition this week was Witney dancing a Salsa.  She wore a to-die-for, leather and lace teeny, tiny romper with plenty of rhinestones. Although there were some nude elastic straps across her back, the silhouette and texturing combination was fabulous. I loved the pointed, scalloped lace of her leg line. Alfonso’s simple red suit with black trim, lapels and shirt coordinated beautifully with Witney and their routine sizzled.

Janel Val

Dancing the Samba with Val in a very disjointed satin charmeuse two-piece costume, Janel’s costume was by far my least favorite of the week! The asymmetrical nature of the multi-colored tiers of her skirt looked as if they were made of left-over scraps. The yellow ruffles on the front of her top didn’t do anything to add sophistication to her costume.

Jonathan Allison

It’s not that I disliked any of the other costumes, they just didn’t excite me. Jonathon and Allison’s men’s suits for their Jazz routine…ho hum.

Tommy Peta

Peta’s bright fuchsia Fox Trot dress was lackluster, as well. 

describe the imageCheryl’s yellow Salsa costume was pretty ‘regulation Salsa’, but I did enjoy her real rhinestoned straps on the back of the bra-top of her costume.

describe the image

Emma’s ‘onesie’ black leotard was modestly cut, with odd, sheer lace side panels, and no cleavage. Michael and Emma did look well-suited for their Argentine Tango.

This episode was touted as being ‘Super HOT’. Which made me wonder if the lack of shirts on the guys is becoming ‘oh, so normal’ and we are just used to all that skin? Less is not always ‘more’ in costuming!

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