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Dancing Halloween Costumes

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Oct 02, 2019 @ 10:10 AM

F+B BonesIf you are a dancer, you already have a ‘leg up’ on creating your Halloween costume! Look in your closet…what do you see? Perhaps any number of themed costumes that could be pulled into service as a ‘sexy something or another’, right? Accessorize an old themed costume with outrageous makeup, hair and jewelry and of course, a mask!

Unless you are the kind of person who is so competitive that you HAVE to win a costume contest, know that putting minimal effort into creating ‘something’ is so much better than going to a Halloween party or event looking just like you look, going to work. Have some fun! You’ve seen those coworkers or neighbors with no imagination – don’t join this group. And then there are those who contemplate and plan for months, to put together a sensational tongue-in-cheek themed outfit, where you wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

The key to a successful Halloween costume is the same as the key to putting together a successful completion dance costume… You need to think through what the event (or performance) requires. You want to be able to move (and see and eat and drink…oh, and visit the ‘little girls’ room’) in your costume. You want to be comfortable. You want your judges to recognize that your costume is appropriate (to your body, your performance and/or your event). Although some don’t consider this, most do: you want to look attractive. You would prefer not to spend too much money on your costume, and you want all parts of your costume to stay in place – you don’t want to worry about rhinestones or other embellishments falling off. You want your hair and makeup to look like they ‘belong’ and are appropriate for your costume. Any jewelry should coordinate and not distract (or be too expensive so you need to worry about theft).

As with dance costumes, borrowing from a friend is appropriate, as long as you are able to return the costume clean and in good repair. (No one wants a dirty, sweaty costume returned.)

If you can’t find a costume that you wish to wear for your Halloween event, scout out the Internet for options, knowing that there is plenty of room for disappointment with what you might receive. Note my blog/article posted in last month’s Minnesota Dancer: “Dance Costumes: Buy online, ‘Off-the-Rack’, or Custom Created”. It’s always ‘buyer beware’ with any online shopping. Good Will and other second-hand stores may also have inexpensive opportunities.

At my company, www.satinstitches.com, we rarely custom create Halloween costumes, as we are too busy creating couture-quality dance and show choir costumes in the late summer/early fall. We do, however, offer our prototypes (that we create for our group costume clients) at extremely low prices – maybe 10%-25% of the real value/pricing for these costumes. And once in a while we might have an overstock costume or two that is not in our sample sizes. We have some children’s costumes and some men’s costumes, but mostly, we have adult women’s size Medium (which is our sample size). Many of these costumes that we list in our eBay store can be transformed into truly unique Halloween costumes.

Of course there are pop-up Halloween stores for those without imagination (and who love cheap plastic), or to purchase your accessory wigs, swords or various additions to your costumes. As with anything, if you purchase various accessories – keep in mind that you might be able to recycle or use them again, for another fun, costumed event!

But mainly, put a little effort (and not necessarily lots of money) into your fun Halloween costuming to help create fun at your event!

©Deborah J. Nelson/ Head Designer and President of Satin Stitches Ltd.
(as published in Minnesota Dancer Magazine October 2019)

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