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DWTS: Season 10-Week 1 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Mar 24, 2010 @ 12:03 PM

My favorite show is BACK. Yes, I LOVE to watch Dancing With the Stars! I tuned in with some trepidation. I really didn’t dwell on who was going to be in this year’s cast. I had heard of some that were going to be included, but not all. It is an interesting group and an interesting mix of personalities and talents!

Naughty But Nice! - Pamela Anderson

One new celebrity that I LOVE to HATE, is Pamela Anderson. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with her. I hate that she is so plastic, and cartoonish. I am not a fan of fake plumped up lips, breast implants or slutty behavior. Pamela Anderson is synonymous with these attributes and behavior. But I know that Pamela has parleyed her Baywatch fame into a career. She is smart, and I don’t think she has let men run her life. I think she has done what she has wanted to do. I do love this about her!

Pamela actually looked reasonably tasteful in her hot pink beaded, fringed Cha Cha costume, during her first dance performance of the season! The one butterfly sleeve was a pretty accent to her costume, creating an asymmetrical diagonal line to her neckline that helped to take your gaze off her cleavage. It was classy and tasteful, definitely NOT what I was expecting!

All in all, I enjoyed and appreciated almost all of the costumes on tonight’s show. Yes, most of the men’s costumes were pretty dull and boring. But I have to remember that in our society, the men’s natural peacock look has been stifled, and the men are to visually support the women’s costuming.

Chad and Cheryl opened the show, with Chad wearing a simple white shirt and black pant. Cheryl wore a short poufy bubble dress with an interesting overlay and embellishment to create a print effect on her dress. The skirt gathered to the natural waistline except for the V neckline at the back waist, with a waistband cutting across this feature, which was used on a couple of the dance costumes on this show. It was a cute style, and looked great on Cheryl.

Shannon and Mark danced the Viennese Waltz. Mark was all in black, and Shannon was wearing a very classy, yet simple chiffon gown with a black beaded collar, holding up a white-to-gray-to-black, specially dyed panel-dress. Short black lace gloves, a pretty back drape and no nasty nude elastic straps, and of course lots of rhinestones completed her sophisticated look. The narrow slit-opening was very tasteful, NOT like the wide gap in the new hostess - Brooke Burke’s dress that showcased her oh-so-NOT natural bosoms.

Erin and Maksim did the Cha Cha. Erin wore a bright yellow costume with lots of long, multi-layered fringe. The fringe covered the lower section of the costume, and was really nice. With the layering of lengths and colors, it moved well and had depth. When she moved, because it was basically below her waist, it did not swing out and create a thick look, like long fringe on the upper body creates. Unfortunately the top of the costume was not very attractive. It somehow made her look dowdy. It was not pretty.

Chelsie was elegant, with her extensive lacing on the back of her pastel pink charmeuse dress. The front of the dress was somewhat boring and unflattering, with the neckline cut straight across, with no accenting features. Her partner, Jake, was wearing a tuxedo with the extended, slanting shoulders that I don’t care for. I like my men with nice MANLY, squared shoulders. Did you notice the cut of the sleeves, however? They aren’t cut at all like formal tuxedo sleeves. They have what I call a ‘ballroom cut’. They have lots of extra fabric under the arms, so there is no restriction of arm movements.

A girl after my own heart, Niecy, did us THICK girls proud! She was bedazzled in a

Cheers to Niecy - From one of the THICK girls!

short gold dress that was very flattering for her Rubenesque body. The beaded fringes extended the line beyond the hem of her skirt, elongating the look. Louis was wearing a matching gold vest over his basic black shirt and pant.

Evan and Anna danced the Viennese Waltz beautifully, but their costumes were pretty forgettable. Slanting shouldered tuxedo and a pretty blue print evening gown with a belted V-dipped back waistline, similar to Cheryl’s costume.

Buzz and Ashly. What can you say? The man walked on the moon. The ORIGINAL moon-walker! Basic red satin shirt, glitzy black vest, basic black pants on Buzz, but Ashly’s glitzy red 1940’s inspired dress was nice. It was an example of a cute, more modestly cut style suitable for an older dancer-with perhaps a modification to the deep-Ved back. It was a nice choice to dress more in style with the age of the partner.

Nicole and Derek. Elegant. Silver Gray. Great dancing, but ‘ho-hum’ outfits.

Aiden and Edyta. Edyta is known for her weird, sexy, skimpy and in my opinion, not very classy, a little too trashy costuming. So she is standing around in some sort of white coat. I‘m wondering, OK, maybe she has NOTHING on, underneath? Well, I was close. As Tom Bergeron said something about being one breeze away from an FCC problem! Hmmm.

In my blog a few weeks ago: The Scoop on Nude-How to be TASTEFULLY Nude, I show and tell about how to create a tasteful look, which involves creating the illusion of being covering or camouflaging the specific areas that require modesty. Edyta is the epitome of distasteful nudity. Her rows of white fringe on her skimpy costume covered nude fabric with some glitz. In reality, I am sure she was totally covered in the correct areas, but the look was of NOT being covered. Does Edyta like to push the envelope?

What did Aiden wear? Did it matter?

Kate and Tony. I think you either love Kate or you hate Kate. I am a hater. While I, in no way feel I was a perfect mother to my children, I think Kate needs to pay a little more attention to her family. I am not a fan of people who choose to give birth to entire sporting teams. I think it is difficult enough to give enough love and attention to a handful of offspring. I can only imagine how much time and attention is needed for so many more kids. (My opinion – I’m sure not everyone agrees.)

But hey, I guess she is supporting them, right? Well, I didn’t like her dress. I don’t think it was very sophisticated. And it seemed ill-fitting in the front of the bodice. I know that many ballroom gowns have built-in bras. Kate’s built-in bra seemed unnaturally shaped, and too large for her shape. The fabric seemed not tight enough, and not flattering. I am not a fan of wrist and arm drapes, for the sake of adding something to the costume. Maybe she will wear something nicer, next week. Maybe I will be nicer next week?

Pamela and Damien did the Cha Cha, and closed out the show. Good choice! I bet I wasn’t the only one hoping for a slutty costume on Pamela! But I think we were all pleasantly surprised at her look, and how well she danced! Good luck to all the dancers, with their new dance routines for next week!


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