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DWTS – Season 11: Week 1 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Sep 22, 2010 @ 00:09 AM

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The anticipation! DWTS came up with some unusual STARS, again this season. Before the show, I didn’t know who would be my favorites. Who would I love to hate, this year?


A good looking group, this season!

Well, Brooke still goes for too-bare-in-the-bosom dresses. She seemed to follow last years formula of one tasteful and one not-so-tasteful. Monday night’s purple dress was pretty but oh-so-open, exposing lots of cleavage. She wants everyone to stare at her boobs, it seems, at least for one night per week. Well, if you pay big bucks for an accessory, I guess it makes sense, right?

Then for the Elimination Show, she is much more covered up. You can actually look at her face and eyes, when she talks! And no need for that great product-Hollywood Fashion Tape to keep things decent!

So, for starters, I continue to be a hater of Brooke and her over exposed bosom. What else did I hate? I continue to be a hater of that pesky orange-nude elastic that costume designer Randall continues to think is a lovely, tasteful addition to skimpy costumes. I understand why a strap of elastic is occasionally necessary to control a costume so there is not going to be a costume malfunction. But COME ON- they are UGLY and distracting. Why? I am aware that it is a mainstay of the ballroom world. But that does NOT mean it should be.

Oh, and while I am writing this, I see a really stupid looking strap on Karina’s light yellow frock during Santana’s second performance. The elastic strap was holding a REAL strap unnaturally. PLEASE, just design a decorative strap SITUATION that is functional and pleasing to the eye. I am sorry, but orange-nude elastic is NOT pleasing to the eye!

OK, I will get off of my soap box – I will now move on!

What did I LOVE? I love all the genuine enthusiasm that the STARS seem to exude. I know that dancing is fun and exciting. I have always loved to watch dancing of all types and, to participate when I can. I love getting to know STARS that I may or may not have enjoyed in their real worlds of acting or sports etc.

But of course I LOVE seeing all the costumes-it is a real treat to see so many different styles. I expect the woman’s costumes to be beautiful, but I am always thrilled when the guy’s costumes are extra special. The guy’s costumes are more difficult. Women can carry off all types of garish and silly costumes. Guys cannot. We want our guys to look manly and not silly. A guy dancer has to have lots of self-confidence to wear a costume.

This week, most of the guys were dressed in very nicely tailored apparel. Randall and the costume crew did a dynamite job with the STARS wardrobes. Michael Bolton, Rick Fox, Kurt Warner looked luscious in their dapper duds. Yes, I loved David Hasselhoff’s black leather shirt-jacket and rhinestoned shirt. Kyle’s schoolboy outfit was not dapper, but was a successful costume, totally suitable for him, and the themed Cha Cha. He was so fun to watch-all his energy and charisma, I am SO glad that he will be back next week!

Most of the male pros were kept understated, in order to let their female STARS shine. I did LOVE Tony’s yellow shirt. It was a tight, sheer, stretch mesh, with solid yellow satin cuffs, collar and front tuxedo bib. A classy way to do a sexy, skimpy guy’s look.


Not the perfect SITUATION!

Of course Louis was pretty silly looking in his comedic outfit to coordinate with Margaret Cho, who could not dance her Viennese Waltz without turning into a comedy skit. The Situations outfit-a little slutty, but it seemed right on. It emphasized his six-pack, so fitting.

Audrina’s yellow beaded and chainette fringed Cha Cha costume started out the show, looking great. With the apple-peal ruffles and large pastel gems with thousands of yellow rhinestones added lots of glitz and glamour to her outfit.

Anna’s beautiful, sophisticated muted-toned watercolor printed gown flattered and flowed to Kurt’s dapper suit. Asymmetrical ruching and stoning accented the bodice of her deep raspberry colored gown.

Coordinating with Kyle’s schoolboy outfit, Lacey-newly blonde, wore a fun little outfit with a rhinestoned red plaid bra and semi-pleated skirt, with graffiti printed corset-bustier and funky black feathers as a petticoat. The naughty schoolgirl costume worked well for their Cha Cha.

Cheryl was covered, yet uncovered in her sheer white Viennese Waltz gown. The use of a nude mesh bodice with sleeves was the base to add glitzy white lace appliques that skirted over her bodice. Fun feathers danced at her ankles, on her ivory chiffon floaty gown. Rick’s exquisitely tailored double vented beige suit helped give him a WOW-factor.

Dancing with the Stars Season 11, Week 1 Dance CostumesMargaret’s over-the-top black dress with colorful oversized flowers was comical, in itself, and told us to expect a comedy routine. Then the gold metallic crystal pleated back drape turned into a cape and butterfly wings, with the wooden dowels, ala a dramatic colorguard routine. The judges were disappointed that the routine turned to comedy, and I confess, I was, as well.


Not my favorite look for Chelsie

Brandy was wearing a coffee with cream-colored charmeuse gown with an underlayer of orange, for a surprise of color! Her bodice had corset lacing on the sides, to give it a contemporary look. Lots of ruching and rhinestones, and ruffles? I did not care for the little lighter colored mini-ruffles. That gave the dress a bit of whimsy, but I would have preferred to keep it more sophisticated. And thankfully, Maks kept his shirt on, so we could focus on Brandy!

Of course there was lots of buzz about Bristol Pallin. What would she wear? Would her Mom show up and be a distraction? There was a rumor that she was going to be wearing the most skimpy outfit. Well, the show played on her Moms notoriety by dressing Bristol in a gray power suit, albeit rhinestoned, and then ripping it off to reveal a little, tasteful fringed dress with rhinestoned collar. All to the song Mama Told Me Not to Come, of course playing off her SITUATION.

Florence Henderson, our token geriatric STAR bubbled with enthusiasm, and was tastefully dressed in a medium and dark blue, tailored outfit. Long-sleeved and tight, with a low neckline and slit to reveal her thigh. Not bad for a 76-year old, right? She looked sexy and tasteful and suitable for an older, vibrant woman.


Not my favorite look for Chelsie

Michael Bolton was dapper, elegant and sophisticated. Unfortunately Chelsie was not. Her light blue organdy gown was stiff and too old for her. And the dangling beaded tassels were not attractive. The long drapes attached at her wrists were also distracting. Organdy is stiffer than chiffon or charmeuse, and was just not the right choice for this dress for Chelsie.

Karina was showing less skin than her usual costume. That was refreshing. It seems she may be the more tasteful one in her partnership this season! Her orange Cha Cha look was monochromatic with thousands of matching orange rhinestones but with overdone rosette-ruffle-draping that hid her cute, petite body. These excessive parts of her costume should have been smaller, leaving her silhouette visible.

Jennifer Gray wore a beautiful gray gown that was elegant and understated, and flowed very nicely. The only fault on this design was the silly drooping satin shoulder straps-on purpose, with those nasty nude elastic straps holding up the dress. Why? Come on, would not a spaghetti strap with or without rhinestones have finished off the dress beautifully?

And last, but not least was Kim Johnston with the Hoff. Unfortunately they were voted off, so we will not see them until the finale show, but as I mentioned, I enjoyed the Hoff’s outfit, and Kim looked great. Her skimpy, yet tasteful beaded Cha Cha costume was stunning, and complimented the Hoff’s outfit.

So one character is gone, and I will miss Kim, as well. So what will next week bring? Bring it on-I am more than ready for more glitzy gowns and dazzling dresses. And please, oh please, dress the guys in dapper duds. But do not forget the sexy stuff for the guys that can handle it!


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