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Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 @ 15:10 PM


“The (dreaded) Switch Up” happened this week, on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, with the celebrities having to learn their dances with new Pros, which was stressful for all! Some were very successful and others were not. Many 10’s were given out this week for excellent dancing and I have also scored several costumes with a 10, including guest judge, Maksim in his VERY DAPPER suit!


Tamar danced a Samba with her new partner, Louis. With feathers, fringe and rhinestones embellishing her white outfit, her costume reminded me a little of a cliché Moulin Rouge ensemble. I’m not sure of the inspiration, but Louis wore a white band uniform-style suit with gold trim. I wasn’t enthralled with either costume, and the judges weren’t enthralled with their dancing.


Hayes with new partner, Allison, danced a Viennese Waltz with Hayes in a very dapper silver-gray traditional tailed tuxedo with pink and aurora borealis rhinestones outlining his satin lapels. I loved this look on him, but Allison’s blue embroidered lace, dirndl-skirted gown looked a little matronly on her. Perhaps she was extending the Mom-Teacher mystique to her costuming. With her nude-mesh cap sleeved bodice, it seemed too old for her style.

Paula and new partner Mark, danced a lively Jive with costumes that anyone could pull together. The humorous routine outfitted Mark in an all-white old-fashioned milkman uniform and Paula in a red 1950’s house-dress with apron costume that was not very flattering for her. It seemed to accent her ‘thick in the middle’ silhouette which has been fabulously hidden in her previously sleek costuming.  Her outfit was complete with a 50’s petticoat and red ‘bloomers’ that she felt the need to flash. It was the most disappointing costume of the week.


But then we were treated to a sexy and stylish costume set from Alek and new partner (and perhaps future date?) Emma for their Rumba. Alex seemed beside himself with excitement, with Emma in his pastel pink, minimally buttoned sexy satin and crepe shirt, worn with basic black trousers. Pink on masculine guys is HOT, and he didn’t disappoint. Emma was also very sexy, yet classy in her sheer mesh, middle-connect panel dress with real stoned straps. This pair rated a 10 from me, for their costumes.


Bindi danced a vibrant Cha Cha with her new partner, Val. Her fully rhinestoned nude bodice maintained modesty with a not-too-low neckline with utilitarian, wide straps. Her ‘Big Bird’ yellow Ostrich feathered skirt was flirty and fun, although it produced a very wide silhouette for her. Val didn’t disappoint in his matching yellow sheer silk chiffon shirt with solid collar, front bands and cuffs. I loved the rhinestoned pattern – a feminine touch on a masculine dancer, again, is always a hit for me. Feminine touches can work wonderfully on masculine dancers, but they can fail on a less masculine guy.


Carlos then danced a very lively Quick Step in what appeared on my television monitor to be a deep blue suit. In searching for photos to illustrate this blog, I saw him in a purple suit that matched his new partner – Lindsay’s purple costume much better than what I saw on my screen. His suit was beautifully tailored, whatever color it was. I didn’t feel the same about Lindsay’s costume, however. Her ankle-length, split-panel costume featured purple and white chainette fringe that was way too long. The fringe on her bodice camouflaged her svelte silhouette (one of my pet peeves). I found her costume to be very unattractive, even though it featured real rhinestoned straps!

Following her husband, Alexa danced the Tango with her new partner, Derek in sort of Mad Max meets Steam Punk costumes. I loved them! Created in - was it 50 shades of gray?…Alexa’s costume included a longer knit, cropped top with a leather-looking skirt, with Derek in plain trousers with a raggedy, unique leather vest. I totally loved all the detailed trimming on his vest.


Andy danced an Argentine Tango with his new partner for the week, Sharna. They matched her hair with a maroon suit for Andy and a sultry, 1940’s-inspired, sheer maroon costume for Sharna. The underpinnings of her costume emulated nude and black lingerie, and it was exquisite. Andy’s costume was pretty sedate, but I rated Sharna’s costume a 10.


Closing out the show, was Nick and his new partner, Witney performed a Paso Doble with costumes that I rated both a 10. Both wore black leather with quilt-stitching and studding. Nick’s featured lots of shoulder and side-striped metallic studs and Witney’s featured rhinestone studding. The original Matrix movie gave inspiration to their looks, with some space-aged influence for Witney’s yoke, belt and boots. These were perfect costumes – showing their non-traditional Paso Doble fabrications, created with traditional Paso Doble silhouettes.

So in my opinion, this week closed out with a bang, and very upbeat, with no one having to go home. What will next week bring?

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