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DWTS Season 24 Week 4 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Apr 11, 2017 @ 14:04 PM

DWTS Group Photo Week 4 Satin Stitches Costume CritiqueThis week was ‘Most Memorable Year’ on “Dancing with the Stars”. I admit that I have a Love-Hate syndrome with this particular theme. I am not a fan of sappy remembrances of years past, with the show needing to come up with a suitable song/performance for each ‘so called’ Star. ‘Latin Night’ or ‘Disney Night’, I always see images in my head of glitzy costumes, so always look forward to these themes.

BUT, once I’m watching and taking in all the back stories of each ‘Star’, I really appreciate leaning more about the stars that I thought I knew and also really appreciate getting to know those that I didn’t know. It happened again, this season – I now really feel that I am connected to each and every Star!

Normani and Fifth Harmony Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueNormani and Val started off the performances this week in beautiful dusty pink costumes while they danced a Rumba. I loved the detail on Val’s shirt: the mini pin-tucks and the little lines of 3 rhinestones, featured on the front of his open, untucked, woven shirt which was the same fabric that was used for Normani’s gorgeous costume. Normani’s costume featured impeccable rhinestoned, lace appliqués decorating her bodice, paired with an asymmetrical, draped panel skirt. I LOVED their costumes! I enjoyed that her group, ‘Fifth Harmony’ coordinated with long costumes of a lighter shade of pink, for their presentation.

Peta and Nick Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueNick and Peta also danced a Rumba, with Peta in another beautifully draped cranberry costume. I LOVED her costume as well. It was sophisticated and also monochromatic with the intricate draping that didn’t camouflage her body (her body looks fabulous, by the way!) The under-leotard section of her costume incorporated sheer and rhinestoned glamour. Nick was decked out in a sheer black shirt with basic trousers which coordinated well, with Peta and then his fiancé, who was incorporated into the finale of their performance.

Nancy and Artem Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueNancy and Artem danced a Fox Trot with Nancy in a tailored, relatively simple lavender gown and Artem in a tailored dark charcoal gray suit with classic white shirt. The modestly cut gown for Nancy incorporated a sleeveless bodice cut to her natural waistline with the use of some mesh and a minimal amount of rhinestones. Her double-layered skirt had a center front split in the top layer, which added a little more movement, when she danced. Their costumes were pretty ho-hum, yet rather elegant and suitable for their ages (or older).

MrT Simone and Lindsay Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueKym and MrT Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueMr. T and Kym presented a Waltz with Mr. T looking very dapper in his superbly tailored, classic dark blue suit (in a very subtle plaid), vest and tie, with a light blue shirt. I’ve always maintained that we all look more fabulous when we are wearing clothing that fits us well. The cheapest of garments can look really good, if it fits properly. The most expensive of garments can look frumpy and bad, if it doesn’t fit. Tailoring is your friend! (And this pertains to guys AND gals.) Kym wore a frothy, confectionary, light blue gown with the same bodice treatment that we seem to see once a week (on different dancers), with a ruched section starting at each shoulder, sliding over the bustline and meeting at the center front of the natural waistline. Ho hum… Her pastel blue organza was sunburst-pleated to give surface texture. Their song was a religious song, so the costume department decided to present a rather demure look. Unfortunately it wasn’t very sophisticated, in my view, and was not a favorite of mine. It seemed a little ‘young’ for Kym and wasn’t up to my standards of classy Waltz costumes.

Alan and Heather Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueHeather and Alan (with Maks cheering them on) reprised Heather’s wedding for a Cha Cha performance. Heather was resplendent in lovely Alencon-looking lace with this French scalloped lace outlining her plunging neckline and long sleeves, with a bejeweled belt. A matching white, full tulle skirt was then ripped off by Alan, early in their routine. Heather completed her routine in draped, shiny white charmeuse trousers which complimented her bridal bodice very nicely. Her look was classically elegant, with Alan in a white sport coat with black rhinestoned trim, trousers and shirt. Our Minnesota Alan looked very dapper!

David-and-Lindsay-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Costume-Critique.jpgDavid and Lindsay Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueDavid and Lindsay performed the Viennese Waltz with David in a classic gray suit with a purple tie, to tie in with Lindsay’s costume. The purple lace/mesh fabric that created Lindsay’s costume was pretty, but I didn’t like her dress. It wasn’t classy, it was tacky-looking with its middle-connect front bodice design and the unfortunate weird lace ‘spot design’ on the back. These costumes were my least favorite this week, along with yet-to-be-discussed costume for Simone.

Emma and Rashad Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueContemporary costumes are never a favorite of mine, as they tend to be too simple and ho-hum for my costume sensibilities. BUT, this week I really enjoyed Rashad’s sheer, woven dark gray shirt with basic black trousers and then Emma’s simple charcoal and black costume, because Emma’s minimal costume had some stylish details. Her asymmetrical bodice with one long sleeve was anchored together with fun strapping on her back (not ‘nude’ elastic straps). Her costume was tailored, sophisticated and classy.

Erika and Gleb Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique Erika and Gleb then danced the Cha Cha with Erika starting off with a black blazer over a costume with beaded fringe encircling her legs, which was the tip-off of an ‘interesting’ (noted in the true Minnesotan way) costume under. Yep, the blazer came off to reveal a revealing nearly dominatrix costume that was actually quite covered and sort of tasteful (…note ‘sort of’ please). I appreciated the center front banding detail on Gleb’s black mesh shirt. The banding and color blocking of Erika’s costume, by the end of her performance, I really sorta liked it! The faux garters (referred to as ‘suspenders’ in England) attaching the leotard part of her costume to her nearly thigh-high boots added a fun detail to her costume.

Sasha and Simone Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueSimone and Sasha danced the Viennese Waltz with Sasha in a tailored beige tattersall plaid vest and stitched-crease trousers with white shirt and spectator shoes. He looked rather debonair. But he didn’t coordinate well with Simone and her unfortunate costume. Perhaps on a statuesque model, the 3-D flowers on her sheer ‘garden party’ dress would be suitable (but still not very attractive) but it was just too much for Simone’s petite body. There was really nothing attractive about her costume which included a ribbon at her waist. The costume department was going for feminine, frilly and innocent, but she looked frumpy and chubby. (And as a former chubby child, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in her costume.) It did not suit her and was not flattering. I hated it!

Bonner and Sharna Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueLuckily, I really appreciated Sharna’s costume for her and Bonner’s Fox Trot that closed out the show, this week. Bonner’s suit reminded me of a denim suit with leather trim although I couldn’t confirm the actual fabric that was used. It was most likely chosen to remind us of his rodeo togs which would have included denim and leather. His shirt also reminded me of blue chambray – again, a fabric that a cowboy would wear. So no, Bonner’s costume wasn’t overly exciting for me, but I DID get excited about Sharna’s costume! Her darker-than-nude mesh costume (was it coral colored) was gorgeous with its asymmetrical neckline accented with a sophisticated pattern of rhinestones. The zig-zagged bodice to skirt seam was lovely, and overall, her costume had a great silhouette and stunning decoration. I loved it!

I absorbed lots of personal information on all the contestants this week which will make it more difficult to say goodbye when they are voted off in the weeks to come. I also absorbed several gorgeous ballroom dance costume designs that made fabulous eye candy and just a couple of really disappointing designs.

My ears perked up when I think I heard ‘Disney Week’ for next week’s theme…visions of rhinestones are dancing in my head!

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