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DWTS Season 24 Week 7 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, May 03, 2017 @ 12:05 PM

DWTS Professionals Opening Number Satin Stitches Costume CritiqueElegant, old Hollywood was the theme for the opening performance for "Dancing with the Stars" this week, with the Pro dance guys in traditional black tailcoat tuxedos with all the accessories, including a sprinkling of rhinestones on their lapels.

The Pro gals were stunning in silver leotards with lots of silver stoning and silver beaded fringe creating their sassy, short skirted costumes. Later in their routine, they added elegant silver mesh lame skirts with feathered hemlines over their original costumes. This is a good example of how to create two costumes in one!

Bonner and Sharna Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique

Bonner and Sharna started off the competition this week with presenting a 'Western' Paso Doble. I was unimpressed with their costumes as Bonner wore a simple textured burgundy vest with gray cravat and basic white shirt. Sharna dressed in a deep blue saloon girl getup with black lace accents and lace panties showing out of her cape-like skirt.





Nancy and Artem danced a 'Romance' Tango with much more attractive costumes. Although Artem wore a basic, traditional white tuxedo dinner jacket with black accessories, I loved Nancy's elegant deep red double-georgette-skirted gown with lovely lace and rhinestoned decoration. But I hated the back of her gown, as with many of the show's designs, in creating an open back, must we check our costume reality at the stage door and believe that parts of a costume can end unnaturally at the side back and at the top of the neck? There was no reason why Nancy's halter neckline couldn't encircle her neck and why real straps couldn't compete her gown design. Nancy's back view was a huge disappointment for me.

Simone and Sasha Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueSimone and Sasha danced a 'Silent Movie' Charleston. The costume design department didn't match their last two weeks of success with Simone's costuming. Her turquoise fringed, 1920's themed costume was frumpy and disproportionate with a silver belt stuck on her waistline, rather than creating a belted accent at the dropped waistline. Moving the belt to Simone's hipline would have created a much better visual proportion for her, and would have created a more flattering and youthful design. Sasha's matching striped cotton shirt was whimsical but wearisome. Did you notice that when you add white stripes to a matching color, the color appears to be much more pastel, and then doesn't really match?



Nick and Peta Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique

Nick and Peta performed an 'action movie' Argentine Tango with Nick in a basic 'man costume' of white tuxedo shirt with black trousers and bow tie. Peta wore an incredibly elegant black costume with corset-looking bodice (emblazoned with black rhinestones) with a stunning décolleté, paired with a riveting skirt with deep slit, showing off a fanciful lace garter. This couple was classy - I loved their costumes!


Rashad and Emma Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique Rashad and Emma created a 'Horror' Paso Doble with a murderous theme, incorporating a raggedy and ripped, ruffled white shirt with black cummerbund, trousers and boots - basic 'bodice-ripper' togs with Emma in an unusual beige costume. I didn't care for the color, but saw the reason for it. I loved the silhouette and sensually tight leotard with rhinestone-outlining lapel and cuff accents and double-breasted buttons. Her skirt tied on over her leotard, created from the same sultry stretch fabric. Her look was tailored, yet her skirt really floated across the stage.

David and Lindsay Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique



From tailored elegance and feminine features for a manly costume for Emma and Rashad, David and Lindsay then present a 'Sci-Fi' Salsa. David mentioned that it sounded like something bad for your stomach -well, that idea followed through with the pair in bright green costumes! David's asymmetrical metallic jacket with panel accents on plain (?) green trousers created an edgy look. Lindsay's over-the-top shoulder accents topped off a rather cute skirted biketard, also in green and with gold/green reptile printed metallic accents. I enjoyed Lindsay's silhouette and the asymmetrical features of David's jacket. These costumes were fun! Weirdly ugly, but fun!


Normani and Val Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique Normani Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique 

Completing the 'first round' of the competition, were Normani and Val dancing a 'Foreign Film' Argentine Tango in polar opposite costumes from David and Lindsay. Daisy lace appliqués in both red and black accented the black mesh sections of Normani's costume. Her high neckline and long sleeves contrasted with her open back (the only flaw on this costume was the unmatching 'nude' elastic strap across her back). Her costume's base fabric was black velvet with lots of bedazzling. Val's trousers were also black velvet, worn with a cotton black tuxedo shirt with untied bow tie, which was stoned with red rhinestones to coordinate with Normani. I really loved these costumes, as they were unique, classy and sophisticated.

Dance Off Teams Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique The second round of the competition was comprised of a 'Dance Off' with couples competing directly opposite from one another to one of three dances (Cha Cha for Nancy and Simone and Jive for Dave and Rashad) that were chosen on the spot. Costumes are always somewhat simpler for these secondary dances for the show. This time, however, the dancers wore non-simple, attractive costumes. The first four ladies all wore fringe with my favorites being Simone's red costume (cute, youthful and proportioned well) and Lindsay's silver costume (which showed a really open, yet attractive back design). All four guy's looked fine and coordinated well with their partners except I didn't care for Rashad's fuchsia shirt with Emma's purple costume. Emma's costume was my least favorite of the group.

Bonner and Sharna and then Peta and Nick wore costumes with draped fabric without fringe. Bonner's white cotton shirt was wrinkled and rhinestoned - a little weird. Nick wore a plain, tailored navy shirt to coordinate with Peta's  glittery navy costume. I liked three out of the four costumes here.

With the 'double elimination' we are now down to four couples, and I'm missing them already! It seemed like just yesterday that we had the full slate of couples...what will next week bring?

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