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DWTS Season 25: Finals Week

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Nov 21, 2017 @ 14:11 PM

Oh my, oh my! What incredible dancing for the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Finale! The costumes? They were generally well done, with a few that were ‘ho hum’. I will be omitting my critique of the season’s last final show, as #1 – I want to just enjoy the spectacle, and #2 – traditionally, the last dance presented by the contestants has shown lack-luster costuming – generally just a rehash of past costumes. You all, can be the judge of these final costumes presented tonight!

Julianne-Hough-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesMy absolute FAVORITE costume, by far, was the incredible deep red velvet gown worn by Julianne. Obviously with a 1940’s influence (tipped off by her hairstyle), it was perfection! Mark off ALL my style points for perfect costuming: perfect fit, great diagonal lines and the perfect flow of design details with those fabulous bows on her shoulders – emphasizing her face and upper bodice, the texture of the ruched black tulle, and over-all exquisite and classic styling. I don’t want to get into too much gushing about the design – BUT I loved this dress and this dress on Julianne. Her white, dance performance dress, I also enjoyed. It also incorporated a 1940’s essence so she conveniently didn’t need to change her hair style.Julianne-Hough-Dance-Dress-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches

Erin-Andrews-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesI’m adding a ‘second place’ notation for Erin’s lovely deep blue velvet gown – with very unique shoulder adornment. But it didn’t hold a candle next to Julianne.

Drew-and-Emma-Paso-Doble-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesFor our contestants, the first dance was the ‘Judge’s Challenge’ of ‘Redemption Dances’. Drew and Emma danced a Paso Doble with Drew’s dancing greatly improved, but the costumes were really boring, except the use of some red rhinestoning, mixed with black and the underside of a cummerbund/sash for Drew, in red. Tailored simply for Drew, but Emma’s costume was very matronly. Her blouse and skirt’s only redeeming factor was the huge floral detail accented her waistline.

Frankie and Witney danced a classic Fox Trot, with Frankie in a very debonair, 60’s looking white jacket with black details (including black rhinestones) and tuxedo trousers. Witney was definitely ‘pretty in pink’ in her sheer mesh skirt with ostrich feathers at the hemline, with a zig-zag bodice-to-skirt transitional waist/hipline. Pastel pink satin opera gloves accented her totally stoned halter bodice. At first I assumed all the rhinestones were pink….but they were not. Several colored stones provided the overall ‘look’ of pink, from performance distance. Did you notice that the strap across her back was also stoned? I did – and appreciated it! As was mentioned, this couple looked classy and were channeling Fred and Ginger.Frankie-and-Witney-Fox-Trot-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches

Pitbull performed with ‘Fifth Harmony’ and the DWTS girl pro dancers – all in glitzy gold costumes. Everyone looked great.

Jordan-and-Lindsay-Charlston-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesJordan and Lindsay performed a stunning Charleston, with Jordan in a sporty suit with hot pink accents (untied bow tie, trouser stripes and shoes) and Lindsay wore a coordinating hot pink lace/mesh dress with some fringe and ‘real’ straps – an homage to the 1920’s era Charleston without the cliché Flapper look. A moderate amount of rhinestones trimmed her dainty, classy costume. Besides fabulous dancing, this couple coordinated their costumes beautifully to each other.

Lindsey-and-Mark-Quick-Step-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesLindsey and Mark completed the first section of the competition with classy Quick Step costumes and performance. Mark wore a tame, gray 3-piece suit with cap and spats…sort of a 1930’s Broadway look. Lindsey’s white gown was very modest and old-fashioned, with lace flower accents on the yoke and wrists of her long sleeved bodice. The skirt was a tailored sun-burst pleated semi-sheer fabric with horse-hair braid at the hemline. Her open back helped counter the totally old-fashioned look for her. These were my least favorite costumes of the evening.

Drew-and-Emma-Freestyle-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesDrew and Emma started out the Freestyle portion of the competition with orange themed costumes: two shades of orange that coordinated well. Drew was dapper in his vest and trousers ensemble with a fun white, rounded collar, mini-striped shirt (that from a distance just looked like a pastel coral). This collar detail provided the ‘historic era’ hint of their costuming, with Emma in a 1940’s inspired costume with a halter neckline and peplum. I enjoyed her unique white head decoration as well as the fluidity of her silky/satin skirt.Drew-and-Frankie-Freestyle-Costumes-Satin-Stitches-DWTS-Blog.jpg

The three matching gold-to orange-to red, fringed costumes worn by the girl dance-pros were a feast for my eyes, and provided a pleasant interruption to the competition. Did they recycle costumes from a previous performance? (They seemed familiar.)

Frankie-and-Witney-Freestyle-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesNext, Frankie and Witney danced a dramatic military-style, costumed Freestyle performance. Witney was in a stretchy black, faux leather unitard and Frankie was in a heavier-weight faux leather jacket. Both costumes featured horizontal ‘band uniform’ buttoned banding, epaulettes and included the use of green rhinestones to add some texture to their all-black looks. I really liked these costumes!

Jordan-and-Lindsay-Freestyle-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesJordan and Lindsay then danced a brilliantly white/silver costumed Freestyle. There was a hint of another era, with Lindsay in a bustier costume with a beaded fringed skirt with epaulettes. Jordan’s white suit seemed to be created from a heavy base fabric with little seed beads all over it – it wasn’t ‘the usual’ rhinestoning. Black was used to accent his tailored look, including an unusual double-lapelled detail. Their costumes were semi-unusual, but they weren’t my favorite.

Lindsey-and-Mark-Freestyle-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesLindsey and Mark closed out the show with some very unusual costumes and a very unique performance. Interesting texture detailing was included in Mark’s tail-coated costume, including a dip-dyed or painted effect of white sections at his front waist, back tail bottoms and the ends of his sleeves. Their costumes used lots of interesting textured fabrics. There was some glitziness going on that I wasn’t sure how it was created, all in a semi-steam-punk sort of way. Lindsey’s costume included a bow and bustle on her rear (a detail used at least once before this season), lace accented long sleeves and sweetheart bodice and then some rather odd mini-ruffles creating a sort of bloomers look. I’m guessing her costume was greatly influence by Mark’s very weird conception of unique costuming, right? I’ll give him points for ‘unique’ …but I was not a fan of Lindsey’s bloomers!

All in all, this was a visually exciting finale…I’m hoping that the grand finale is spectacular, as well!



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