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DWTS Season 25 Week 4 'Most Memorable Year' Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Oct 10, 2017 @ 20:10 PM

When was YOUR ‘Most Memorable Year’? We listened to many emotional stories this week and viewed many memorable dances. I personally enjoy learning more about the contestants in addition to critiquing their costumes. And since it IS a ‘popularity contest’ I don’t get mad when someone is voted off…I may feel a bit bad for them, especially when I get emotionally involved…but that’s another story!


The costuming theme this week, seemed to be matching, and monochromatic color schemes. Only a couple of couples bucked this trend, with Frankie and Witney starting off the evening by dancing a Quick Step in silver. I am a huge fan of matching, and monochromatic color schemes, so this week was an exception visual treat!

There are many different styles of sequined fabrics these days, and Frankie’s sport coat featured the style that was formerly referred to as ‘liquid sequins’ which translates: the sequins are embroidered onto the under-fabric with no spaces between – all you see, is sequins. Frankie’s jacket was flashy, yet very tailored, accompanied by traditional trousers, shirt and bow tie. Witney wore a silver, sheer, shiny tissue lame skirted costume with a lovely zig-zagged hipline transition from her fully stoned halter-necklined bodice. Her costume was classic and tailored, as well.

Terrell-and-Cheryl-Viennese-Waltz.jpgTerrell and Cheryl were grand in green, dancing a Viennese Waltz. Terrell was very dapper in his green ensemble (with a sprinkling of matching green rhinestones on his lapels) and Cheryl was classy, in her ruched bodice detailed costume with sheer, sparkle-organza skirt. The only oddity was the nude elastic used as her collar. That detail was really odd, and this minute detail spoiled the class-factor of the design, in my eyes.

Nikki-and-Artem-Contemporary-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesNikki and Artem danced a very dramatic Contemporary routine involving ‘silks’ – more suitable for a Cirque du Soleil routine, rather than a Ballroom performance. BUT, despite Artem’s non-costume, consisting of black jeggings (at least I HOPE his jeans were stretch!) and lack-of-a-shirt, Nikki was nice and delectable in her asymmetrical black costume with diminutive skirt and nude-toned mesh helping to hold all the sashes in place. I loved her look! 

Peta-and-Nick-Contempory-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgNick and Peta danced a Contemporary routine in costumes evocative of Nick’s memorable wedding. Nick was in a satiny, white tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo trousers. Obviously a similar outfit could be assembled for most any ballroom dancer. I was disappointed with Peta’s white faux wedding dress/dance costume. I never appreciate appliques that have that ‘stuck on’ look, as the flower appliques on her chest. Was the costume designed, and then looked too naked, so someone thought that positioning a trio of posies was a fabulous fix? I found Peta’s costume to be unattractive.

Lindsey-and-Mark-Viennese-Waltz-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgLindsey and Mark performed a Viennese Waltz with Mark masquerading as Lindsey’s deceased father. I felt this was touching and applaud Mark’s restraint with his costuming this week, incorporating Lindsey’s father’s actual signature hat and scarf. Lindsey’s bright yellow dance dress with juvenile details of puff-sleeves, Peter Pan collar trimmed with mini-ruffles and including a petticoat was pleasantly classic and worked well with coordinating with her faux father.

Derek-and-Sharna-Jazz-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches Derek and Sharna danced a daisy inspired Jazz routine with embroidered flower appliques adorning Derek’s shirt pocket and collar, and the midriff area and one strap of Sharna’s simple white dress. The yellow-orange-red rhinestone detailing was cute but not necessarily classy. This was not one of my favorite couple costumes, although they coordinated well, with each other.

Jordan-and-Lindsay-Contempory-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches Another of my least favorite couple costumes, this week, was worn by Jordan and Lindsay for their Contemporary routine. Yes, I’m usually disappointed with Contemporary costumes as they are generally non-costumes for the guys and lingerie-looking costumes for the girls. This was true, for this routine. Jordan was in gray, and then darker gray, which was pleasant enough, for his shirt and pants. But the lavender ruched and ruffled, sheer chiffon costume with lace, edging trim with rhinestones was too juvenile and cute-sie for me, and not classy. Additionally, the ruched, sheer fabric sections over Lindsay’s bustline read as ‘sheer’ and therefore ‘naked’, and not a favorite look of mine. This area should not have ‘read’ as sheer, but thank goodness no one plopped down lace pasties over ‘that area’!

Sasha-and-Gleb-Fox-Trot-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesFINALLY! Sasha performed in a flattering costume this week – thank goodness! She and Gleb danced a Fox Trot sporting still trendy ‘Ombre’ costumes. I am assuming that Sasha’s skirt and Gleb’s vest and shirt sleeves were silk, as silk accepts dye (for the dip-dyeing process) much better than any polyester. And to dye a fabric to black is always difficult, even with silk. Sasha had a beautiful black bodice with ruched straps, all with thousands of jet rhinestones, with a few stones trailing onto the black section of her skirt, which transitioned to white. Gleb wore black trousers with a white shirt (with ombre-dyed sleeves) and ombre-dyed vest. This couple looked classy. I have personally done some dip-dyeing – it may be somewhat easy for a ‘one-only’, but when we need to create twenty costumes, all to look ‘the same’, it is definitely challenging. Please check out our ‘Spotlight Blog’ that features dip-dyeing for a group! 

Vanessa-and-Maks-Rhumba--Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgVanessa and Maks were back together again and danced the Rumba. Maks wore a partially see-through shirt (the back and front band were not sheer) with his traditional tuxedo trousers. Vanessa reminded me of a blushing (OK, not so much!) bride in her blush-colored sheer, mesh costume with beautiful rhinestoning (including the large gems outlining her neckline) and dreamy drapes, resulting in a unique and classy, VERY pleasing-to-the-eye, costume. All except the utilitarian nude elastic strap across her back.

Drew-and-Emma-Jive-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgBut then MY FAVORITE DANCE was performed with surprise, guest Property Brother –Jonathan! Oh, what a fabulous surprise to see my FAVORITE Property Brother (yes, the really handy guy) with Drew and Emma during their Jive routine! And the costume department nicely coordinated Jonathan with matching vest and trousers. Drew and Emma both wore bright royal blue satin spandex sport coats with coordinating trousers (or hot pants for Emma). Drew added a vest for the 3-piece suit effect, and Emma added a white rhinestoned bra-top. Rhinestones nicely edged Drew’s lapels, keeping a step ahead of his twin. Wow…how long did Jonathan practice for his dancing debut? (And yes, it was my favorite dance because of Jonathan!)

Victoria-and-Val-Fox-Trot-Costume-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgVictoria and Val added to our tears, with their stunning Fox Trot, partially performed with Victoria in her wheelchair. We can only imagine her emotions, recalling those days, that she left behind, now that she can walk again. Val stayed in the background, color-wise, dressed in basic black. Victoria literally provided the sunshine with her golden semi-sheer skirt that attached in a zig-zag pattern at her hipline, to a beautiful stoned bodice with either dyed or painted center section of rosy pink. Rhinestones highlighted these colors. To me, her costume was a rosy ray of sunshine symbolizing her recovery, to include being able to dance! …which is certainly memorable, for this week that created tears for stars, pros, judges and audience members, alike!





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