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DWTS Season 25 Week 8 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Nov 07, 2017 @ 15:11 PM

Double dancing from all the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestants this week. The usual solos and then the “Trio Round” where past celebrity stars were brought back to accompany each contestant pair. I admit that I thought the costuming was a little lack-luster this week…maybe because of all the costumes that were needed?

Terrell-and-Cheryl -DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesTerrell and Cheryl danced the Charleston, with Terrell in a subtle, pin-striped dusty blue/gray vest and trousers ensemble with arm garters, a black shirt and pink tie. A really basic, ho-hum outfit that could be worn by any guy dancer for almost any style of dance. Cheryl wore a pink rhinestone-embellished leotard with matching asymmetrical fringed skirt that included several swags of beads (a la the 1920’s) that were stitched in place so they wouldn’t bounce around during their performance. A beaded headband with feather (the quintessential “Roaring 20’s” accessory) topped off her cute, modest ensemble.

Drew-and-Emma-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesDrew and Emma then danced a dapper Waltz with Drew in a sleek woven shirt with shiny satin ‘tuxedo bib’ on the front. It had no glitz, and was paired with traditional gray trousers. Emma’s costume included an unadorned semi-sheer, double-georgette skirt with deep slit and a lace top that incorporated scalloped ‘Wedding Lace’ with a turtleneck collar, cap sleeves and a midriff baring cut. Beautifully tailored in a matching (to Drew’s shirt) dusty rose, her costume looked classy and contemporary, with a minimum of embellishment on the lace.

Victoria-and-Val-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesVictoria and Val danced an Argentine Tango, wearing coordinating metallic-foiled sheer mesh in a deep teal blue. Val wore his unembellished, open shirt with black velvet tuxedo trousers. Victoria’s ensemble was a bit unusual with her bodice styling – a deep V, long sleeved with some stoning on her bodice and with her dance briefs visible under the ankle-length panel skirt. Their costumes pleased me, the most, of all the solo dancers.

Lindsey-and-Mark -DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-StitchesLindsey and Mark danced a dynamic Samba with Mark subdued in his ringmaster costume, letting Lindsey proudly prowl in her lion costume. I enjoyed Mark’s double-breasted red brocade vest with gold metallic accents, worn with basic black shirt and tuxedo pants. I applaud Mark’s restraint in letting Lindsay shine, this time! Lindsay’s lion costume included a medium brown crushed velvet and matching plush ‘fur’ used on her back bustle. Gold beads, feathers, rhinestones, and various brown accents nicely trimmed her creative costume that was modest, decidedly not sexy, but G-rated and unique – I really liked it!

Frankie-and-Witney-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgFrankie and Witney danced a very dapper Viennese Waltz with Frankie in a debonair black tuxedo suit (every guy should have one!) and Witney in a tailored, yet frilly baby blue sheer chiffon gown with 3-D appliques and a modest amount of rhinestoned embellishment. Yes, the one-shouldered costume employed a nude elastic, but her long tresses mostly camouflaged this non-feature. Her blue briefs worn under the dress were visible, but there was no matching ‘bra’ area – which resulted in the imagining that she wasn’t wearing one. Of course the bodice was lined with nude-toned fabric, but I would have preferred to not imagine the no-bra idea.

Jordan-and-Lindsay-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgJordan and Lindsay danced an incredible Quick Step in jade green costumes. Jordan’s matte suit featured black lapels and red buttons and red rhinestoned edging on his white shirt collar. Lindsay’s unique costume (in matching jade green) featured unusual half circles in white and black, edging her top. She coordinated with red rhinestones on her straps and on her shoes, along with her long skirt being lined in matching bright red. It was a rather odd color combination, but who can argue with such incredible dancing!

Terrell-and-Cheryl-Trio--DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgTerrell and Cheryl teamed up with Kelly for a peachy-keen Rumba. Shiny, metallic-foiled sheer, woven lame was the ‘fabric of the hour’ for this trio – I really hated the lady’s costumes. First of all, they didn’t match, second of all – they included bulky draped sections of fabric that did Kelly’s silhouette no favors, and the rhinestoning on Chery’s bra area, should have been extended. It looked like the costume department ran out of stones (and you KNOW that they probably have the world’s biggest supply)! These costumes were my least favorite of the week.

Drew-and-Emma Trio-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgDrew and Emma were joined by Rashad for a shiny Cha Cha. The guy’s silver metallic jackets, trimmed and accessorized in black were blindingly bright! They were tailored well, and served the purpose of looking like the mirror-ball trophy. Emma’s silver chain-mail costume looked lovely on the front, but draped a little weirdly on the back. I didn’t enjoy the nude elastics on her back.

Victoria-and-Val-Trio-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgVictoria and Val danced with Laurie for a Jive. I liked Val’s black accented gold lame jacket. My favorite feature was the rhinestoning detail on his lapels. Of course it was worn with basic black tuxedo pants and black shirt. The ladies costumes didn’t match, but coordinated well. The scrolling detailing on their bodices was accented with minimal rhinestoning. The tufts of gold beaded fringe showed off the Jiving movements well.

Lindsey-and-Mark-Trio-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgLindsey and Mark were joined by Kristi for a Jazz performance, where for the second time this evening, Mark stayed subdued and very dapper. This time in a traditional tuxedo suit with all the ‘usual’ trimmings. Unfortunately I absolutely hated Lindsey and Kristi’s costumes. Their bright royal blue charmeuse satin skirts were lovely, their opera gloves were lovely, but their entire bodices cut in skin-toned nude fabric with blue rhinestones (oddly NOT in a matching pattern) were incredibly UGLY! I’ve mentioned before that costumes should not have skin-toned/nude sections in areas that really should not be nude. It is disconcerting. Don’t do it – pick a color, please! AND, if you are wearing matching dresses – do matching rhinestoning, please. For my sake!

Frankie-and-Witney-T-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitchesrio.jpgFrankie and Witney danced with Alfonso for a Jive in really cute costumes! The guys stayed simple in their black dance togs with bright yellow, rhinestoned suspenders and bow-ties. But Witney was adorable in her yellow ostrich-feathered costume which featured gorgeous lace that was totally rhinestoned. This costume was my favorite, this week!

Jordan-and-Lindsay-Trio-DWTS-Costume-Critique-by-Satin-Stitches.jpgJordan and Lindsay were joined by Corbin for a sassy Samba. Lindsay was gorgeous in her red-hot, raspberry-colored costume with tufts of fringe to accent her Samba movements. I even forgive her for all the nude elastic strapping, as I loved the look of her costume. It was modestly sexy and suitable for a petite young lady. The plum shirts worn by the guys – I LOVED them (I’m referring to the shirts… AND to their incredible dancing!) were in a beautiful color and stoned beautifully. The thick rhinestoning on their shoulders diminishing towards the middle section of their shirts, done in tone-on-tone, is one of my favorite guy costume looks. These costumes were my favorite group costumes of the night!

Is everyone getting excited for the semi-finals? I am!


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