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DWTS Season 27: Season Finale Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Nov 20, 2018 @ 16:11 PM

Oh, the controversy! Was I shocked? Not really, after indeed, being shocked that Juan Pablo and Cheryl didn’t have enough votes to make it to the Finale. Yes, I feel for all you viewers who still see “Dancing with the Stars!” as a bonafide ‘dance contest’ where whoever dances the best, (in several million ‘judges’ opinions) should ‘win’. Please get real! It is a popularity contest, with some fabulous dancing and fabulous (most of the time) costumes. Can’t we just enjoy the spectacle???

This season didn’t start with as big a spectacle as the last full season did, but it did end with a spectacle – an outdoors parade complete with occasional outside shots of a crowd and performers.Opening Parade Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin Stitches

I truly enjoyed the red sequined costumes worn by all the girl pros, as they ‘all matched’ each other, along with the marching drum corp and the guys all matching. What a concept – matching…oh the controversy!

There were many ‘fill in’ performances that included past performers. Many grabbed a microphone and sang to us, besides reprising a dance routine. All were enjoyable.

The first round of dance performances had each couple dance their ‘Most Memorable’ dances. All contestants reprised their costumes, as well as their routines – with improvements with their dancing, but the costumes appeared the same. There is no need to critique all these costumes, as I critiqued them in their original week.

Alexis and Alan Argentine Tango Costumes with tutu DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesAlexis and Alan Argentine Tango Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesAlexis and Alan danced an Argentine Tango (Week 2) with ‘Black Swan’ costumes with Alexis in a tutu that ripped off to reveal a lyrical styled costume. Her costume was attractive and fit the performance. I LOVED the shirt/jacket that Alan wore, who simply ripped it open to reveal his chest.

Bobby and Sharna Cha Cha Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesBobby and Sharna then presented another Week 2 reprise, listed as a Cha Cha… with their MC Hammer costumes. These costumes were very enjoyable to watch, along with their dance performance.

Evanna and Keo Tango Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin Stitches-1Evanna and Keo presented a non-Halloween (Week 6) Tango…it was great to see their leather-look costumes without the Halloween hype. These costumes were minimalist, ‘edgy’ and effective.

Milo and Witney Charlston Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesMilo and Witney took us back to the NY Subway with their Charleston from Week 2, in one of my least favorite elaborate costumes from the season (many of my least favorite costumes were boring or uninspired ‘Contemporary’ or ‘non-costumes’).

I very much enjoyed seeing the couples and costumes again, and especially seeing improvements by the contestants. I enjoyed that Bobby had the judges (the 3 in the studio) autograph his dance sneaker! Additionally, the producers of the Finale showed many snippets of nearly all (if not all) of the performances, week by week. It was a fun trip down ‘Memory Lane’ for me.

Free Style Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesThe Free Style section of the competition was fun to see. But all contestants EXCEPT Bobby and Sharna wore very minimal costumes. It was fabulous to see that the winners of the Mirror Ball Trophy best provided a frame for this sparkling memento of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Bobby and Sharna Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesI LOVED Bobby and Sharna’s white, heavy-weight spandex tailed tuxedo costumes. Their costumes were exquisite, grand, classy and suitable for winning! They didn’t match, but coordinated beautifully as masculine and feminine. Bravo Bobby and Sharna!

Alexis and Alan wore teal (at least on my television screen) with so-so costumes that suited their routine but were nothing special. My best comment on their costumes? I like monochromatic looks!

Milo and Witney danced in gunmetal (Milo took off his gunmetal jacket right away, so I didn’t find any photos of it, but the fabric had some metallic flecks in it. He looked dapper, but then the couple danced in water, so no need to destroy a nice jacket! Very minimal costumes for their spectacular dance.

Crayon group Costumes DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesEvanna and Keo employed a cast of ‘crayons’ for their Free Style routine. First the girl dancers wore primary colored, totally individualized costumes, and then the boys came out in their primary colored ensembles which included matching shoes. Evanna’s minimalistic costume was a bit more glitzy than Witney’s, but still nothing exciting.

All the non-winning couples danced fabulously…it was breathtaking to watch their choreography and execution! I also enjoyed that we had only a 2-hour show to watch for the Finale. And to find out the winner (this was a welcome change from past seasons) during the 2-hour show. I will be tuning in ‘next time’, will you?

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