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DWTS Season 27: Week 2 New York City Night Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Oct 03, 2018 @ 17:10 PM

‘Dancing with the Stars’ New York City Night...my favorite city!

DeMarcus and Lindsay Fox Trot Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogDeMarkus and Lindsay started the competition with performing a Fox Trot in costumes without much glitz. (New York City without glitz??) None the less, their costumes were pleasant with DeMarkus in a pin-striped wool-look, vest and trousers ensemble with pleasant accessories of shirt, tie and wingtips. Any guy would look dapper in this non-costume. Lindsay was cute in her sheer, flower-printed skirt and short-sleeved tie-front top with a few rhinestones. Nice is an appropriate adjective.

Danelle and Artem Cha Cha Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogDanelle and Artem danced a Cha Cha in Emerald Green (on my television screen) costumes. Danelle’s Latin costume was a fully beaded off the shoulder costume with real straps and beaded fringe. It was flattering for her, and included many diagonal design lines. Artem’s matching suit was created from a textured, semi-glitzy woven fabric and tailored with front pleats in the trousers, and back vents and pocket flaps on the jacket. I enjoyed these glitzy costumes!

John and Emma Charlston Costume DWTS Vegas NY Satin Stitches BlogJohn and Emma preformed a themed Charleston with John wearing a train porter’s costume and Emma wearing in a beautifully tailored bell-hop outfit. Both styles were from the 1940’s musical genre. Their costumes were classy and appropriate to their routine. And both delightful costumes could be recreated by most amateur dancers.

Nancy and Val Cha Cha Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogNancy and Val were costumed in black for their Cha Cha dance performance. Val wore a motorcycle style jacket with tight jeans. Nancy’s off-the-shoulders costume with high-low skirt was simple, classy and flattering for her. The heavy, satin skirt moved beautifully. An obvious trend this season, is the wide horsehair braid application on hemlines without additional embellishment, keeping a minimalist look.

Alexis and Alan Argentine Tango Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogAlexis and Alan danced a dazzling Argentine Tango that included a tutu that didn’t want to be easily removed! I enjoyed Alan’s (Minnesota’s own….) black jacketed costume – it was very classy, created from various textured materials. Alexis’ costume was lovely EXCEPT for the nude elastics across her back.

Joe and Jenna Fox Trot Costume DWTS  NY  Night Satin Stitches BlogJoe and Jenna presented a Fox Trot wearing ‘special occasion’ togs. Jenna’s floral embellished blue dress could be worn to a social dance party and Joe’s coordinating blue ensemble could be worn by ‘any man’ and also out to a social dance event. There was a cute peek-a-boo back waist detail that I enjoyed, on Jenna’s dress! Otherwise, not too exciting.

Tinashe and Brandon Argentine Tango Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogTinashe and Brandon were edgy and futuristic with their Argentine Tango costumes. Did I love them? No…Tinashe’s ‘romper’ had some interesting details, but because the fabric was non-stretch, it seemed a bit loose and to me, looked a bit ‘homemade’. I did like the silver accent on Brandon’s jacket, but all-in-all, I was underwhelmed.

Milo and Witney Charleston Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogMilo and Witney danced a Charleston in supposedly ‘hip’ New York street fashions. Hmmmm. I wasn’t impressed. I did figure out, however that I recognized Milo’s Mom from an old TV lawyer show ‘back in the day’. I loved this actress, so it’s good to see her son performing!

Mary Lou and Sasha Waltz Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogMary Lou and Sasha Waltzed in deep red costumes. I liked Mary Lou’s dress, as it was modest without looking matronly and was tailored (with a touch of embroidered appliqued neckline trim), simple and classy. It was not too much dress for her. I didn’t care for the matching deep red trousers on Sasha. Short people should stay away from cutting themselves in half with two colors. And the side packets on this trousers were distracting – not a sleek look. His white traditional tuxedo shirt should always be a costume option for guys, however.

Cheryl and Juan Pablo Quickstep DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogCheryl and Juan Pablo presented the Quickstep with Juan Pablo in a traditional white tailed tuxedo with rhinestone embellishment on his lapels. Cheryl’s yellow dress was generally very pretty with the ruched vertical section on her front bodice, over slightly too-dark nude mesh. The design lines were lovely, but (yes I’m being picky….) it seemed a tad weird to me, with nude briefs under the sheer yellow skirt. I always question the proper use of ‘nude’ toned fabrics – do they trick you into thinking the person is naked ‘there’?...

Keo and Evanna Samba Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogEvanna and Keo danced their Samba routine in costumes that I didn’t care for. Keo’s shirt with black bib looked sloppy. It seemed too bulky for him. Evanna’s costume seemed to have ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ look to it, with oversized ruffles, beaded fringe, back skirt, bulky belt etc. It was one of my least favorite costumes. Maybe last week’s exquisite costumes took a toll on me, as I’m realizing I haven’t been thrilled by most of the costumes this week.

Bobby and Sharna Fox Trot Costume DWTS NY Night Satin Stitches BlogI also didn’t care for Bobby and Sharna’s Fox Trot costumes. Off-white suit, off-white shirt and off-white bow-tie for Bobby. Check. Adequate but nothing exciting. Sharna’s printed bustier was pretty, but I didn’t care for the semi-sheer overskirt that showed the same print under (or was it a non-sheer coordinating fabric?). I’m still wondering on the exact fabrication of this. And the more I wonder, the more I don’t care for it. The skirt is boxy and not very flattering. To me, it also doesn’t really flow as I’d like it to. I didn’t think it was particularly flattering or attractive.

All-in-all, these New York City costumes were ‘OK’ but nothing really exciting! Fortunately I enjoyed some of the costumes from Vegas Night, better! Critique to follow…

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