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DWTS Season 27: Week 3 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Oct 09, 2018 @ 13:10 PM

Bravo, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for keeping this week’s competition to One Night Only (a favorite song of mine, from a favorite musical “Dreamgirls”!) It was a poignant evening with lots of stories about both the ‘Stars’ and the ‘Pros’, as it was “Most Memorable Year” Night.

The two moments that made my smile the most, were (of course) Juan Pablo and then Bobby’s ‘mini-me’ singing.

Mary Lou and Sasha Viennese Waltz Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesMary Lou and Sasha started off the evening with a Viennese Waltz done in blue. I truly loved both their costumes as they matched well and were classy and sophisticated with combining a more matte-finished fabric with shiny satin Charmeuse. The rhinestoning was lovely, with stones on Mary Lou’s utilitarian strap and then adorning the upper section of her costume and also Sasha’s. Modest, yet suitable for dancers of any age, a feast for my eyes, along with ‘just the right touch’ of rhinestone jewelry.

Milo and Witney Jive Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesMilo and Witney shone brightly in their silver Jive costumes. After starting off in bulky and blocky graduation gowns and accessories (yes a bit hokey) Milo’s short-sleeved silver lame shirt, paired with basic black jeans were ‘right’ and Witney wore a modestly-cut 2-piece costume with a matching silver organza ‘butt ruffle’ with the ‘current’ wide horsehair hemline. Her silver bra-top included a clunky sort-of necklace that accented her upper bodice.

Nancy and Val Rhumba Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesNancy and Val danced a Rumba with Val in a non-descript woven, black shirt with a ‘pop of color’ as armband accessories. Nancy was lovely in her woven wine, sheer organza dress with embroidery and glitz. The very modest style flattered her, but I still come away with the feeling that she is dressed very ‘matronly’. Perhaps a dashing detail or two could have been added to modernize or youth-enize (oh, that’s not a good word) to give her a more youthful aurora.

Alexis and Alan Contemporary Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesAlexis and (Minnesota’s own-) Alan danced a Contemporary routine wearing the cliché Contemporary costume of ‘man in a white shirt and jeans and girl in a sheer, white (Bridal) Lyrical costume’. Were the costumes ‘suitable’? Yes. Was Alexis’ costume pretty? Yes… Her costume was very feminine, with white Alencon (French, re-embroidered) bridal lace accents. Her hemline was very full, and therefore moved beautifully, with many slits to show off her lovely legs. The open back of her costume was un-marred with utilitarian elastics.

Evanna and Keo Viennese Waltz Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesEvanna and Keo presented a Harry Potter themed Viennese Waltz with an homage with their costuming. I very much enjoyed Evanna’s unusual dress and cape-like costume, created out of seemingly embroidered or brocaded fabric. The double skirts of her costume moved beautifully and floated magically with their dancing. Keo’s costume included black-on-black brocade that coordinated well, with Evanna’s costume.

Joe and Jenna Viennese Waltz Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesJoe and Jenna also danced a Viennese Waltz with more Lyrical-looking costumes. Joe wore a gray, button-down, woven charmeuse shirt with a pin-tucked, tuxedo-esque shirt with coordinating trousers. Jenna wore a simple, dusty pink, semi-sheer double-georgette, paneled skirt with just a bit of embellishment on the waistband. Her long-sleeved sheer mesh top included a beautiful, asymmetrical rhinestone pattern across her bosom and on a shoulder. Their costumes were elegant but basic.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl Samba Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesThen Juan Pablo and Cheryl took the stage and danced a delicious Samba. I admit to rewinding their performance and watching for a second time! Juan Pablo was dashing in his tailored sleeveless woven shirt, high-set cummerbund and tight trousers. Apparently he danced a dynamite routine, as all the judges awarded him a ‘Ten’! What was I watching?…ahem...I was checking out his costume and of course Cheryl’s costume! I loved Cheryl’s white/gold costume! It was asymmetrical and included a minimalist ruffle on the skirt panel, along with touches of beaded fringe and rhinestone, of course. I loved the open sections on the sides of the costume and mostly real straps. If I had her shape, this is a costume that I would want to wear!

John and Emma Waltz Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesJohn and Emma then performed a Waltz with John wearing a pretty basic white, woven shirt with a charmeuse, shiny satin ‘bib area’, with basic black trousers. However, I did NOT care for Emma’s dress. The silhouette of her dress was fine (turtleneck and long sleeves with an open back) – it moved well, and the color-blacked section had a nice ‘visual flow’ from her shoulder to the hemline. BUT, I hated the combination of nude sheer mesh for the entire dress, paired with a red lace section. Ugh…this was NOT attractive, nor did it coordinate well, with John’s basic look.

Bobby and Sharna Contemporary Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesBobby and Sharna presented a Contemporary routine with yes, cliché Contemporary costumes. Bobby was in a frayed plaid shirt over a white T-shirt, worn with khaki trousers. (With his ‘mini-me’ matching his ‘costume’.) But, it fit his ‘story’ and Sharna looked fabulous in her chiffon Lyrical costume with lots of lovely ruching (gathers). I also enjoyed the peek-a-boo scalloped lace edging on her bra-top. Sharna’s costume was very classy and sophisticated. Did these two costumes coordinate – NO, but as mentioned, they ‘fit’ their story.

Tinashe and Brandon Rhumba Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesTinasha and Brandon danced a Rumba with lovely, but basic costumes. Sometimes minute details can really add to a costume. I liked the ribbon-width satin accented trim on Brandon’s shirt – sort of channeling the look of a tuxedo ‘bib’ on this shirt. Regular tucked front trousers with distracting side pockets completed his minimal costume. Tinashe’s costume featured a bodice with real straps and an interesting back, appliqued and rhinestone detail with a mesh midriff section and an abundance of rhinestones. Her attached skirt was minimalist with little or no embellishment.

DeMarkus and Lindsay Argentine Tango Costume DWTS Costume Critique by Satin StitchesDeMarcus and Lindsay presented an awesome Argentine Tango. Lindsay’s costume had a 1940’s vibe to it, and was luscious! I loved the hot pink color and the combination of woven and stretch fabrics, along with the silhouette and overall flow of her costume. The asymmetrical scallop-edge skirt was exquisite. I LOVE when really masculine guys wear feminine colors and detailing. DeMarcus pulled off this favorite look of mine, wearing his hot pink vest with matching organza embroidered/beaded shoulder detail. Paired with a black leather-look, quilted cummerbund and basic trousers – fabulous!

So this week, we saw some stunning costumes, along with some semi-boring options. And we are down to one show per week, so lots of stars and competitive dances and not lots of ‘fill’!


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