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DWTS Season 28: Week 4 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Oct 09, 2019 @ 12:10 PM

It was a magnificent monochromatic medley of classy costumes, this 4th week of competition on “Dancing with the Stars”! It was definitely a tasty visual treat for me! Ahhh….what is more pleasing than mint green matching fabrics with mint green embellishment on both dancers???? ...Maybe matching magenta on both dancers?

Sean and Lindsay Paso Doble Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueOK, enough fabric fanaticizing! Sean and Lindsay started off the competition with a rousing, red Paso Doble. Sean wore a red, tailored, traditional Matador-esque costume with black accents. Lindsay was adorable in her matching red costume with tasteful touches of black accents on her skirt/cape, creating a non-traditional, edgy, ruffled, visually textured skirt. I really liked her fun costume!Ally and Sasha Jive Costume 2 Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueAlly and Sasha Jive Costume 1 Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique






Ally and Sasha danced a Jive incorporating a ‘costume reveal’ with a sassy silver overcoat that she whipped off to reveal a luscious lavender fringed costume. Sasha matched, with a deeper purple jacket. Both costumes were classy, with Sasha coordinating nicely. Most of the guy costumes this week could work for most ballroom amateur competitors, albeit with possibly different colors (maybe not mint green?).

Kel and Witney Cha Cha Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume Critique

Kel and Witney danced a Cha Cha in mint green! No, not all men can pull off a mint green costume, but Kel looked dapper in his leather (-like?) baseball jacket with matching shirt, pants and shoes and Witney’s costume, as well. Witney’s tufts of beaded fringe accented her modest asymmetrical, long-sleeved, high collared costume. It was refreshing (am I thinking of breath mints?).

Kate and Pasha Argentine Tango Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueKate and Pasha presented an Argentine Tango in fuchsia. Kate’s costume was attractive, modest and so-so. It wasn’t ‘dowdy’ but it was nothing exciting, either. I think the costumers decided to dress Kate ‘safely’. With her short sleeves (covering the upper arms) and modest (non-cleavage) neckline, her costume was a bit ordinary…but her costume reflects what a non-skimpy costume can look like, with still having some style. Pasha’s matching jacket with black accents was very dapper – it was very nicely tailored. Yes, I like a ‘well-dressed man’!

Emma and James Quick Step Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueJames and Emma celebrated his baby news with a Quick Step, with Emma wearing my least favorite costume this week. Emma’s costume was a visual mess – just too many fabrics that didn’t blend nicely. The neckline ruffle was too much. Prints are tricky, and this print was very pretty, but the styling details would have worked much better with non-prints. Plus the neckline looked too low. James tailored suit was debonair, right down to his boutonniere.  Pulling together unconventional colors that coordinated with Emma’s print colors was lovely. Generally, you can  only do this when your costuming funds are unlimited. Realistically, when would you be able to reuse a pastel pink jacket or yellow plaid tie, or especially pink and white spectator shoes?

Alan and Hannah Paso Doble Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueHannah and Minnesota’s own Alan, showcased a non-traditionally costumed Paso Doble with both in black. I loved Alan’s diagonally sequined short-sleeved shirt – exquisite! Hannah’s tailored and minimalist traditional cape/back-skirted costume incorporated a basic black satin bra, briefs and woven, satin charmeuse. A few dots of black rhinestoning added just the right touch of glitz. The center front vertical line was intriguing. This couple-costume was one of my favorites this week – specifically because of Alan’s shirt!

Lamar and Peta Viennese Waltz Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueLamar and Peta presented a vibrant Viennese Waltz. Although Lamar wore a dapper 3-piece suit, all the close-up photos show him with muscular arms (oh, woe is me)! Peta’s gown featured 3-D rosettes on her skirt and trailing up one shoulder. Stunning stoning kept her bodice simple. Not my favorite look, but it was ‘interesting’ and the unique fabric was properly showcased.

Val and Sailor Cha Cha Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueSailor and Val were ‘golden’ for their Cha Cha dance. But what was the purpose of the midriff emphasis with orange fringe? That is just weird! This takes ‘adding a pop of color’ too far…should a midriff to crotch area be highlighted, to draw your eye to this spot? The answer is a resounding NO! EXCEPT for this, Sailor’s ‘middle-connect’ fringed costume was classy and elegant – the layering of the fringe, along with the deep ‘V’ created, is flattering and fetching. Val’s gold lame jacket with black lapels, cummerbund and trousers had an undertone of black, giving it a classier, less brassy look. And it correctly accessorized his naked chest.

Lauren and Gleb Fox Trot Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueLauren and Gleb danced the Fox Trot with monochromatic costumes. Gleb accessorized his white shirt and yellow trousers with white and brown spectator shoes and brown suspenders. Lauren was lovely in lemon yellow (OK, pastel yellow). A little ruching detail added bodice interest without too much rhinestoning. Her woven double-georgette skirt fit and danced beautifully. This couple was costumed with simplicity and innocence in mind.

Karamo and Jenna Tango Costume Satin Stitches DWTS Costume CritiqueKaramo and Jenna completed the competition with their 1940’s inspired Tango costumes. This is another set of fabulous couple costumes! Karamo was elegant with his finely tailored red velvet jacket with red satin lapels, matching Jenna’s red satin charmeuse skirted dress with shoulder details. Of course hair styles always help ‘sell’ a themed era and Jenna rocked her 40’s ‘do’! Beautiful lace fabric/appliques were used to contrast with the satin on her costume. I loved both of these costumes!

Everyone is anticipating ‘Disney Week’ next week! I anticipate more fabulous costuming to critique! Let’s watch together!







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