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DWTS Season 28: Week 5 Disney Night Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Oct 15, 2019 @ 11:10 AM

Group Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin Stitches*****Spoiler Alert! Disney Night on “Dancing with the Stars” created some magic and no contestants are going home!!! Other Disney magic – was the opening number, video-taped at Disneyland with NO ONE ELSE AROUND! My guess is that this may have occurred in the middle of the night…as it was dark and I don’t think Disney could have created that!

If you are a Disney movie fan… oh my…such a treat this week! Of course I enjoyed nearly all of the costumes, with just a couple of exceptions.

Sailor and Val Viennese Waltz Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesSailor and Val started off the competition dancing a Cinderella Viennese Waltz. Sailor was resplendent in her minimally interpreted light blue sheer/woven princess dress. As Len stated… she looked ‘light and fluffy like a soufflé’. Her costume was elegant and the utilitarian nude elastic straps, I confess to almost, not noticing! I loved Val’s ‘Russian prince’ tailcoated tuxedo costume with light blue brocade cuffs and collar detail. I loved the glitzy accents and his boots. Yummy!

Karamo and Jenna Samba Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesNext up, were Karamo and Jenna doing the Samba to The Lion King. I totally enjoyed their themed costumes. Karamo, except for his metallic/plastic feather-looking crown, was wearing a semi-glitzy, yet very tasteful African-inspired shirt, (elaborately textured) cummerbund/hip wrap and trousers costume. It was masculine and most amateur ballroom guys could have worn this. At first glance, Jenna’s exquisite costume looked like it was trimmed in gold, but no…animal print was pulled in to the design. Even though it featured traditional ruffles, it was sophisticated and classy.

Kate and Pasha Jazz Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesThe costumes that disappointed me the most, this week, were the costumes worn by Kate and Pasha for their Jazz Mary Poppins presentation. They were simple and suitable, however, with Kate starting out with a black coat that then revealed a sort of an historical maid’s costume with a few rhinestones. Upon close examination, I spied some gold metallic threads in Pasha’s suit jacket. These costumes could easily be reproduced by most amateur dancers, as they were not very imaginative.

Sean and Lindsay Quick Step Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesSean and Lindsay danced a Toy Story Quick Step with inspired costumes. I LOVED their costumes! Obviously cartoon-like, with their blue denim, black and white cow-print, with red and yellow details and of course, large buttons! Glitz for Lindsay and faux boots for Sean! At Satin Stitches, we are sometimes asked to do similar faux boots – so that our dance teams or show choirs can still dance in proper dance/stage shoes, but have the look of boots. Our fun fashion term is ‘bootlets’. (Yes, we sometimes make up our own names for things… ask me about ‘manotards’!)

Ally and Sasha Contemporary Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesAlly and Sasha portrayed another Disney Princess story with their Contemporary Beauty and the Beast presentation. Ally wore a minimalist yellow gown with 3-tiered sheer skirt and rhinestoned modest bodice. I enjoyed Sasha’s themed blue coat with brocade vest and cuffs, his boots and his white jabot. These costumes emulated the original cartoon movie, live action movie and the stage play. Yes, I’ve seen them all!

Lauren and Gleb Samba Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesAnother set of costumes that I found disappointing, were the costumes worn by Lauren and Gleb for their Little Mermaid Samba. Gleb wore a minimalist white pirate shirt, with red cummerbund and blue trousers stuffed into boots. Lauren had minimal glitz with her tailored corset+skirt+blouse costume. The fabrics used were fun and flirty (especially the sort of seaweed silver glittery pattern on her sheer ‘blouse’) but other than that, both their costumes were pretty boring. Yes, an actual mermaid costume would not have worked well, but these two costumes must have been on the bottom of the list for the show’s costumers this week.

Kel and Witney Jazz Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesKel and Witney danced a High School Musical Jazz routine with simple and yes, somewhat boring (yet appropriate) costumes. Kel was high school jock-like in this white warm-up suit with red T-shirt and trim. Obviously anyone could easily duplicate this costume. Witney wore a simple red halter dress with minimal glitz. OK…bring on the next costumes, please!

Hannah and Alan Fox Trot Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesHannah and Minnesota’s own Alan danced a Fox Trot to the movie version of Aladdin. And yes, I’ve seen the cartoon version and most importantly –the stage version on Broadway (after seeing actual Aladdin costumes being designed and created by a Broadway costume company a year or so prior to the Broadway opening!) Hannah’s dress was inspired by Hannah Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesBollywood fabrics and combined colors beautifully. I loved Alan’s off-white costume with gold trim. The brocade, shoulder and waist details were exquisite, and yes, were Bollywood inspired.

James and Emma Paso Doble Costume DWTS Costume Critique from Satin StitchesClosing out the competition were James and Emma dancing a Pirates of the Caribbean Paso Doble. They stuck with the movie theme with a manly-not glitzy pirate costume for James and a covered cape-dress for Emma. I loved her textured, subtlety glitzy costume with shades of black and gold. Yes, overly embellished costumes would have been totally wrong for their routine. (You see, more rhinestones is not ALWAYS the answer!)

So, all costumes were ‘suitable’ this week, and many were fabulous, but some were just downright boring. What will next week bring?




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