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DWTS Silver Anniversary Season 25 Week 1 Costume Critique

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Sep 20, 2017 @ 15:09 PM

DWTS-Silver-Anniversary-Costume-Critique-Blog-from-Satin-StitchesFor the Silver Anniversary of DWTS, it was so good to see all my ‘old friends’ again, and meet some new ‘friends’! …And I like the sound of Debbie Plus Alan!!! (To my family and friends, I AM Debbie…professionally I’m Deborah.) ‘Dancing with the Stars’ always present contestants (‘stars’?) with interesting stories, so in addition to the costumes and dancing, we learn a little bit about everyone…it’s what makes this reality show so intriguing, at least to me.

I LOVED many of this week’s costumes and loathed only one. A few styles were ‘ho-hum’ and could have used some pizazz. Most costumes scored an 8 or 9 for me, with a handful of 7’s and one lonely 6.


Sorry, Victoria, but I hated your Pepto-Bismol fringed high-rise leggings and not because of the color (I enjoyed her reason for insisting on pink.) I have ragged on this look for many seasons, and unfortunately the costume designers keep bringing back this unfortunate design. Horizontal fringe, when dancing – creates a very wide silhouette. I am not a fan! At Satin Stitches, we did at least one team costume of this design a couple of decades ago (yes we sometimes create costumes that I don’t embrace!). Victoria and Val’s Cha Cha dance performance was however, intriguing. Another ‘issue’ with Victoria’s costume is that the bust area was covered with a row of fringe, but underneath the stones over nude looked naked (again, not a favorite look for me). Val wore a black ensemble with a matching hot pink sequined baseball jacket.


Terrell and Cheryl looked lovely in sequins and rhinestones. Cheryl’s flattering fuchsia Cha Cha costume was trimmed with purple fringed costume-always a great color combo with lots of color-on-color rhinestones. Terrell coordinated with a pleasingly textured silver hologram/purple sequined jacket with black accents, shirt and trousers. I enjoyed their costumes immencely.









 Debbie and Alan danced a Fox Trot is silver. Debbie’s foiled sheer lame skirt had some distracting triangle flaps at the waist that extended to her hipline along with a mini-drape that seemed unneeded. I enjoyed her real straps across her back and the tufts of feathers on her skirt.  The stoning was effective. Alan wore a tailored tuxedo with traditional side stripes and lapels out of another fabric (not satin, I’m not sure what it was) that added the right accent to his costume.



I really liked Sasha and Gleb’s Cha Cha costumes. The deep teal/blue beaded fringe on Sasha’s very flattering costume accented the center areas of her bodice – containing the silhouette from becoming wide, when dancing and the deep V shapes of her skirt panels also were enhanced with the beaded fringe, keeping a slim silhouette for her. Another baseball jacket (is this a trend, or an ‘easy’ design?) was worn by Gleb – with matching deep teal/blue sequins.






Drew and Emma danced a Fox Trot in shades of blue. Drew added a light blue shirt and patterned tie to coordinate with his deep blue suit, with a touch of glitz on the lapels. Emma’s deep blue sheer sequin/lace costume had real straps across her back and a light blue lining on her skirt. Simple, pretty and classic.






Barbara and Keo's Salsa dance brought the kitsch to the show, with her white fur coat over her pretty modest, yet boring dress with sequins and beaded fringe. Keo’s matching gold satin, open shirt with matching gold sequins was worn with an over-the-top dollar sign medallion necklace. I liked the use of square sequins instead of normal round sequins, but otherwise considered, this was a pretty boring duo.






I wasn’t impressed with Jordan and Lindsay’s silver Tango costumes. Jordan’s silver lame jacket with black trim and paired with a black shirt and trousers were adequate. Lindsay’s metal choker and belt set at her natural waistline did not flatter her non-hourglass figure. Her tissue lame skirt danced well, but was nothing special.









Nick and Peta had a little more flair in their Cha Cha costumes. The color blocking with Nick’s green shirt was attractive, not the ‘same old, same old…’ and although I didn’t care for the styling of Peta’s costume, it was ‘interesting’ (yes, with the Minnesotan interpretation), not boring.






Frankie and Witney danced a Fox Trot with Witney in a dusty pink chiffon dress with a beautiful one-shouldered Grecian drape over a stoned dusty pink lace bodice. Frankie coordinated with a dapper silver gray pin-striped suit.  I enjoyed their ensembles – classy and appropriate for their routine.






I loved Vanessa’s edgy, sheer black Cha Cha costume with lots of patent-leather belt detailing at her waist and with lots of stones and feathers. It was one of my favorites of this week. And Maks coordinated with traditional black tuxedo trousers and cummerbund. Did you notice that his tight shirt was oh-so-semi-sheer? It was created with probably 2 layers of sheer mesh, to give just a hint of sheerness.




Nikki and Artem were HOT in red Tango costumes! Zippers were the decorative trim for the couple with half a zipper edging Artem’s black leather lapels and on the center front, center back and on the collar of Nikki’s nearly fetish-looking costume, complete with thigh-high stockings. This edgy costumed couple was another of my favorites, this week. Out with the ‘plain Jane, and in with the (appropriately) sexy!









Derek and Sharna embodied the LA Lakers basketball and dance teams with their sassy Salsa costumes. Tasteful and modest, yet cute for this couple, in purple and gold. Nothing spectacular, but not trashy – their costumes were classy.



Lindsey and Mark completed the evening’s competition with their Cha Cha. I loved their costumes. It’s great to have Mark back, and he kept it simple this time with his black ensemble with that punch of glitz – shiny silver accents on his shoes! Lindsey’s costume was unique, with stunning bodice and sleeve applique accents and a fun, feather and fringed skirt. This costume was another of my favorites from this first week of the new season. I’m very excited to see next week’s 2 shows!





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