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Gear up for High School Fall Dance Team Conferences

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Thu, Aug 17, 2017 @ 13:08 PM

Deborah Nelson of Satin Stitches at CSCAAt Satin Stitches, we are very excited about the sport of High School Dance Team this coming fall and winter. We have been creating custom costuming and uniforms for these school affiliated teams since the early 1980’s – yes for longer than many current coaches have been alive!

Many states have organized state groups where volunteers spend countless hours planning, promoting and implementing their annual conferences. These valuable conferences especially assist newer coaches with the many daunting tasks that they will encounter during their competition seasons.

Deborah Nelson of Satin Stitches at DDCA OregonSatin Stitches tries to support all of these dedicated organizations by becoming business members (when allowed) and sponsors by signing up for various advertising opportunities and spending both time and money to attend as many conferences as possible. We are proud to say that we have been doing this for decades! In addition to showing off our business, we enjoy making (and reconnecting with) new dance team friends, around the country. Additionally, we become more familiar with the wants and needs, in regards to the styles of costuming that are popular in each state.

What states have organized annual conferences?

Those that I am personally aware of, include Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa and now Missouri. It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with finding new organized state high school conferences, because as I mentioned, they are run by dedicated volunteers (coaches with small salaries and are NOT paid for helping with these state organizations). When new leadership takes over these grass roots organizations, sometimes we get left out of the loop. So: if any organizations have updated state conference information, please reconnect with us at customerservice@satinstitches.com.

Deborah Nelson of Satin Stitches at WACPCI currently have the travel bug and am busy booking many events. Spring included a trip to Wisconsin, and this weekend we have shipped costume samples and flyers to Colorado. Next month I will travel to Oregon, In October we will send costume samples and flyers to North Dakota, and one of our designers will be traveling to Washington. And I’m hoping for good travel weather for our November trip to Missouri.

This year, I have the opportunity to present classes or seminars at two of these fall conferences. In mid-September I will be presenting a class about costume design tips and budget/planning tips for the Oregon event. In mid-November I will be presenting “Team Costuming and Body Image (selecting the right look for ALL of your dancers)” in Missouri.

Deborah Nelson of Satin Stitches at WSDDCA Dance team coaches – take advantage of these terrific state events to check out our Satin Stitches custom and customizable team costumes, as well as to network with other coaches and maybe even learn a thing or two that will help you with this season’s upcoming dance team competitions!

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