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Girls DO Sweat! Tips for Sweaty Costumes

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Mar 03, 2014 @ 16:03 PM

  • Satin Stitches® Ltd. publishes a "Care Sheet" that is included with your order. A "Sample Swatch" of all the fabrics and trims used on your costume is also included. The following is additional information and suggestions for keeping your costumes and uniforms clean & fresh.
  • Body odor will remain in a dance costume. Air out your costume after every use, before putting it away.
  • One idea is to store the entire group of costumes with a dryer sheet to mask the odors in the costumes.
  • Body fluids and sweat that accumulate in the crotch area of the costume should be hand rinsed out, after every performance & be allowed to dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Blood and other stains WILL NOT come out if they sit in the garment for any length of time.
  • Have someone check all group costumes after each performance.
  • Dry cleaning will not take out body odors. Deodorizing will but is simply masking the body odor with a fragrance. Dry cleaners will only add this if asked, as many customers have allergic reactions to the fragrance.
  • Fresh Again® - a spray product that states that it "safely eliminates odor on fabrics" can safely be used on spandex. Be careful not to spray directly on the sequins. Allow the garment to dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Any spot cleaning or deodorizing is an extra cost at any dry cleaners, and must be asked for ahead of time. Spots must be pointed out when you bring in the garments.
  • Always wear panties with a dance costume - even with tights. Just choose a style with no visible panty line.
  • Wear underarm dress shields or absorbent pads that will be removed. Do not sew dress shields into costumes - the odor stays in the dress shields, and therefore in the costume. We suggest the Hollywood Fashion Tape® product: Behind the Seams -pretty underarm protection, which we sell in our Online Store.

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