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Holly-Dazzle Your Clothing and Costumes for the Holidays!

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Dec 05, 2016 @ 16:12 PM



Tis the season for attending holiday parties and presenting holiday dance performances. And unless you plan on purchasing entirely new outfits for these upcoming, festive events, you can bedazzle and be-deck your current clothing and costumes with holiday cheer and save some cash!

You can also purchase a special accessary or additional wardrobe piece rather than an entire garment. Purchase a basic red, green, black, gold, silver or white sweater or top, and then accent it with similarly colored rhinestones or beaded/sequined appliques. If you love the ‘ugly sweater’ look, then the more garish your trim, the better! But if you love a more subtle style, keep your trimming tasteful.

Stylish sweaters, ponchos or draped garments worn over simple dresses or pant ensembles will show off your holiday spirit whether they incorporate holiday motifs or are a simple holiday color. You can get DIY crafty or you can purchase holiday pins and simply attach them to your garments.

Holiday themed do-dads such as Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings, or wreaths and stars create a festive look. All these can be added with a WOW factor or subtle ‘touch’ of glitz.

Scarves are currently very popular again. You can add glitz and glamour to your every-day apparel or holiday togs by adding a scarf. Just a pop of holiday color can translate your wardrobe into ‘festive holiday’ apparel.

Adding holiday jewelry is also a perfect way to telegraph your holiday spirit – whether inexpensive costume jewelry with a Santa, Christmas tree or even an elf motif, or with more sedate, simple red or green gems. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, broaches and even hair adornments are all out there for you to discover!

Remember that if you are at a dinner party, the most festive part of your apparel should be above your waist, as this is what is seen by others. If you are out dancing or at a cocktail party, your entire ensemble will be noticed. Maybe add sassy pair of red shoes to telegraph your holiday spirit! Don’t dismiss adding a holiday belt or trim set at your waist, if you have a lovely defined waistline. (If you don’t, then feature a special decoration on your upper bodice and hems of your sleeves.) And fun rhinestoned, decorative motifs can also be added to the hemline of a dress.

If you are presenting a special holiday dance performance, holiday colors will show off your holiday style. Adding lights or garlands may even be appropriate (yes to your clothing)! Rhinestones can be subtle or garish – your choice! If you want a snow man, Santa’s helper or a stack of gifts on your chest, go for it! Or if you simply want to emphasize a feature, such as a collar or floral design, get out your Bedazzler!

If Holiday shopping doesn’t inspire you, check out Pinterest for lots of ideas, besides the various commercial online websites such as eBay and Etsy. But really, just a walk through the holiday décor at your favorite department or specialty store should present many ideas on how to accentuate your holiday spirit! Think ‘outside’ the box for your holiday cheer!

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(Submitted for December 2016 issue of Minnesota Dancer)

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