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Hot Costume Care Tip: How to Stretch Your Costume Budget

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Feb 11, 2019 @ 06:02 AM

ALWAYS take good care of your costumes for obvious reasons, but also when your costume budget is tight.

Is your costume budget strained? Consider this:

Recycle your Costume! RECYCLE - pull your old costumes and uniforms out of the closet. If you've followed our instructions and taken care of them - they will be "good to go" with just a little 'transforming'!.
Reorder - Trade - Rent or Sell your dance costumes REORDER - If we still have your fabric in stock, or can reorder it, add a costume or uniform to fit your new team.
Trade - Rent or Sell your dance costumes! TRADE - switch with your JV team or a neighboring team. This will expand your costume wardrobe without any cost.
Rent or Sell Your Costumes. Buy Costume Pieces today! RENT OR SELL - many teams are looking for new outfits. Find out where you can list your costumes and uniforms Online, where other teams can shop to buy or rent.
Rent or Sell Your Costumes. Buy Costume Pieces today! BUY PIECES - rather than entire new outfits. Order a new top or new skirt etc. Make an old outfit new, with an additional piece or accessory.
Watch for Satin Stitches Specials Monthly. WATCH - for special discounts or sales where costume companies offer incentives or "add ons" to stretch your budget. Satin Stitches offers something SPECIAL every month with our "Web Only" SPECIALS.
Listen...your professional costume manufacturers can guide you to make wise choices on your costume needs.! LISTEN - your professional costume manufacturers can guide you to make wise choices on your costuming needs, by providing free advice on what will get you 'the most bang for your buck'.
Take Action Contact Satin Stitches TODAY! TAKE ACTION - If you wait too long to place your orders, you may end up disappointed, or having to pay RUSH FEES for OVERNIGHT delivery. Plan ahead to avoid this situation. Satin Stitches has our Guaranteed Delivery Policy posted Online, so you know when you need to order, to receive GUARANTEED DELIVERY every time.

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