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Hot Costume Care Tip: One word: Fray-Check!

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Jan 21, 2019 @ 06:01 AM

Fray_Check2During the season, we sometimes receive questions on the upkeep and/or care of team costumes, even when we didn’t manufacture them. I have been offering my tips on costume care for many years, officially for our monthly e-News and unofficially for decades because of our extensive expertise in ‘all things costume’.

Sequined fabric remains very popular, with the most popular being a trademarked fabric called “Zsa-Zsa”. Zsa Zsa Gabor recently passed away at the age of 99. She was famous for being famous and created the opportunity for the Paris Hiltons and the Kardashians of the world, for better or worse.

At Satin Stitches we use special manufacturing techniques to help this fabric to be durable by lining it and binding the edges so they don’t unravel. Not many companies do the same.

 A high school dance team booster parent revealed that she was having issues with the sequined fabric on her team's costumes. She noted that some trailing plastic threads were exposed and looked as if they may unravel, causing the costume to lose its sequins. To fix the problem, this resourceful mom mentioned that she knotted the loose threads and tied them off. If you want to keep your costumes in good repair and prevent potential costume chaos, you NEED to be this conscientious when checking for loose and trailing threads!

There is, however, one additional step that I suggest in order to further prevent threads from coming undone. To protect your costume, use a drop of “Dritz Fray-Check” on the knot and give it adequate time to dry. This quick-fix liquid dries clear and you can use it to stop fraying on any fabric or trim. It should be included in any performance "Safety Kit" to keep costumes in good repair.

You can find this fantastic product in the notions section of any fabric store.

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