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The Scoop on NUDE: How to be TASTEFULLY Nude

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Feb 01, 2010 @ 22:02 PM

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Is the NUDE bodysuit or catsuit making a comeback? Maybe? Maybe not!


Now that I’ve seen Pink perform at the Grammy’s on Sunday evening, doing her aerial act while singing, I was reminded of Jennifer Lopez and her unfortunate nude catsuit that she wore on New Year’s Eve. One was good and one was bad. Can you guess which was which, and why? Hmmmm.

Think about this question. Both had large expanses of nude-toned spandex, giving the appearance of nothingness, or of nudity. One had scattered rhinestones as decoration. One had clusters of rhinestones that gave the impression of coverage of various female body parts.

One had a pleasing-to-the-eye, diagonal strapping that broke up the expanse of nude-looking area. One did not give you anything to look at, except the shape of her body.

Jennifer is 2 NUDE!In my opinion, Ms. Lopez really did not look attractive in her nude-suit. Pink actually looked really attractive in hers. Why? Well, as noted, I was not made uncomfortable by being visually tricked into thinking that the wearer had nothing on, or that the costume was see-through. Even though I know from experience, exactly how Jennifer’s nude-suit was made, and that it was actually very modest, it did not give that illusion at all. It was uncomfortable to look at.

Costuming uses the art of illusion. Who does that better, currently, than Lady Gaga, who also was obviously at the Grammy’s, wearing some very interesting costumes, for sure! Do you remember her bubble costume? She did not wear any NUDE costumes this week, however.

Whenever you are contemplating the use of nude-toned spandex as part of your costuming, keep in mind how it really looks on stage. Be aware of the illusion. Whether you are really totally covered or not, does it give the ILLUSION that you are uncovered in the wrong places?

NUDE Britney in 2000!If your costume gives the illusion that you are covered in the most important parts, you will appear to be modestly (well, sort of!) dressed. If there is fabric covering these parts, but from performance distance, if it appears that you are not covered in these areas, some people – If not all, are going to be uncomfortable, and you will be thought to be wearing an immodest costume.

If you are an exotic dancer, maybe this is your intention. But if you are not, then rethink and rework your costume so modesty takes precedence. Even Britney Spears looked tasteful, next to Jennifer Lopez, back in 2000 in her nude bra and pants. What – Britney tasteful? YES!

Nude-looking fabric is very useful in costume design. It is one of the many tools in the designer’s toolbox for creating beautiful costumes. But as with other design tools, this tool must be used wisely.



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