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Ten ‘Secret’ Undergarment/Foundation Alterations To Make Your Costumes And Gowns Fit Better!

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Apr 11, 2011 @ 11:04 AM

© Deborah J. Nelson/Satin Stitches Ltd.

1. Problem:

Your bra straps show, out from under your narrow dress/top straps.

Fix: Hand sew a ribbon or twill tape to the underside of the dress/top strap and hand sew a

a snap to the other side, securing the ribbon/tape to the other side of the strap. You then

can thread through your bra straps, and they stay under the dress/top straps.

2. Problem:

Your bra straps are too wide for fitting under your narrow dress/top straps.

Fix: Buy new, narrow bra straps and replace them on your bra. You can buy replacement

straps in the notions department of a sewing supply store or you can scavenge thrift stores

for bras or slips, that you can then cut off their straps and re-use.


3. Problem:

The back strap of your bra sneaks up above the back neckline of your halter dress/top (on a tight garment.

Fix: Make the same ribbon/snap tab that I describe in Problem #1, but make 2 of them for

either side of the center back zipper. Make the tabs wide enough to be able to slip your bra

strap through these loops. This does NOT work on a loose garment, as it will drag the

garment up the back, not anchor the bra down.


4. Problem:

Your bra shows out the top of your dress/top.

Fix: Cut off the top of your bra or fold it under and hand stitch it in place.


5. Problem:

Your open neckline slips off your shoulders or so that your bra strap shows

Fix: Sew Velcro or snaps to hold the garment to your bra strap, or if you have a jacket-type over-garment, you can sew the Velcro or snaps to the garment that it is worn over.


6. Problem:

Your undergarment (either your bra or all-in-one or shaper) gaps or ripples or is somehow too big in one area, even though it fitseverywhere else.

Fix: You CAN alter your undergarments by taking a tuck or making a dart, or sewing a fold, either by hand or by machine, to ‘rein in’ the garment and eliminate the gapping or excess fabric. If lace is the problem, or is bumpy or lumpy – cut it off.


7. Problem:

Your bra doesn’t quite fit under your mostly open-backed dress/top.

Fix: Cut off the area that shows out, and replace it a custom-made elastic section that fits.


8. Problem:

You have sloping shoulders or one shoulder is more sloped than the other.

Fix: Try some various sizes of shoulder pads to see what looks the best. You CAN only use one

shoulder pad, and you can cut off or remove part of a shoulder pad to make it fit better

into your garment.

9. Problem:

Your panty elastic binds and shows as a ‘panty line’.

Fix: Cut off the elastic and just serge it, or add looser elastic, that lays flat.

10. Problem:

Camel toe on shorts or pants.

Fix: Gusset a piece of fabric in the crotch after you cut away the curved part of the

garment OR simply wear a REAL panty with a real crotch. If your panty doesn’t go up your

butt or up ‘the other area’, then neither will your costume!

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