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Rhinestone Embellishing Demonstration from Satin Stitches

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Aug 15, 2018 @ 14:08 PM

There are many ways to attach permanently heat-fused (Hot-Fix) Swarovski rhinestones.
At Satin Stitches, we have 3 options, 2 of which cannot be used by the hobby rhinestoners, as you need specialty equipment (A T-shirt heat transfer machine or an ultra-sonic rhinestone attaching machine) that we have. But the third method is shown in the video below.

After you have decided on the specific pattern that you are going to use, grab your hot plate (or fajita grill!), turn it on to 350 degrees and place the Hot-Fix rhinestones that you plan on using, glue-side up and wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the glue to start to bubble, which signifies that they are ready!

A T-pin is a great way to pick up a stone that is ready to place. Your garment should be on a flat, hard surface. You will need a tool to hold down and press the rhinestone in place while the glue hardens. Always test to see if you are pressing the rhinestone in place long enough for the glue to dry and harden and permanently attach itself to your costume. Larger rhinestones require a longer time than smaller stones. Our ‘tool’ that was used here, was a blunt ended highlighter/marker. It has a flat end on it and covers the size of the stones that are being used.
We have been attaching Hot-Fix rhinestones for decades and have transitioned to our current process, as it is quick and easy for us. If you feel you are clumsy with a T-pin, Rhinestones Unlimited sells a ‘Crystalline Pick-Me-Up’ tool that can be used. Curved, precision tweezers also work well and are available from Rhinestones Unlimited.

Heating up rhinestones on a fajita grill? I attended a talk with the touring wardrobe/costume person with the Broadway show “Wicked” came to Minneapolis, a decade or two ago, and they mentioned that they used a chafing dish to heat up their stones. I deduced that an electric fajita grill would work well, and it did! We’ve burned through as least a half dozen or so over the years, but they are easy to replace and they work really well. We joke that we can also heat up our lunches, here at the shop!

You can see how fast this application works for rhinestones, so why would ANYONE work with messy glues? Gluing rhinestones involves possible glue stains on your costumes and possible dislodging of the stones when you don’t allow enough time for your glue to dry. “No muss, no fuss!” with Hot-Fix Swarovski rhinestones.
The costume in the video is available in our Web Store - Ruffled Lace-Skirted Biketard B5001.
We partner with Rhinestones Unlimited, they sell many rhinestones and other fabulous costume embellishments.
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