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Sweating the Details

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Feb 04, 2020 @ 06:02 AM

Funny-Sweat-Sketch-Cartoon-ImageAre you ‘sweating the details’ of your competitive performance season? Most of us sweat, and some of us sweat profusely when in stressful situations and when we exert ourselves physically.

What could cause more sweat than starting (or continuing) your group’s competitive performances? Sweating serves the purpose of helping to cool the body, but it also makes a mess of your costumes and can cause your costumes to look unsightly. Stained underarms in costumes is not only embarrassing but also odorous. So, what can you and your team do?

There are options for perspiration control. The first and most obvious choice is finding a deodorant/antiperspirant that works with your individual body chemistry (yes, bodies react differently to different products). Use your antiperspirant on all other areas of your body, such as your back.

GarmentFor extra protection, you can use underarm perspiration control pads. This was a staple, decades ago, and was sold in drug stores and department stores. Today, you can still find fabric versions of this item and also disposable pads. A local Minnesota company, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, became internationally famous for their ‘Hollywood Fashion Tape’ as used by Jennifer Lopez and her famous green, red carpet gown. This same company sells Garment Shields, which keeps you fresh and saves you money by protecting your costumes. Shop online to find sources for this product.

If your team wears a costume or uniform that allows for a tight-fitting cotton, short-sleeved T-shirt to be worn underneath, do this. This has been a trick of savvy dance teams for decades. Once sweat has gathered into the T-shirt, you can WASH this garment. You generally cannot wash your performance costume easily, and washing will not take out ‘the stink’!

C4001-Zip-Front-Dance-Cheer-Crop-Top-from-Satin-StitchesAnother preventative method for controlling perspiration in a costume would be to add a moisture-wicking lining. (Supplex, for example that we use in all of our Pro-Cheer audition tops.) Your perspiration can soak into this fabric, but not onto the outer fabrics.

‘Camouflage’ is also something to consider. Solid fabrics will show perspiration much more than a printed fabric. If you must use a solid fabric, add a distraction, such as a rhinestoned area, you won’t see sweat patches as much.

So, if you are prone to excessive sweating, become aware of the preventative measures for your body and your dance costumes. Then, you can minimize any unsightly underarm (or back, chest or anywhere else) stains and draw attention to yourself for all the right reasons! Just because your body chemistry creates more than your fair share of perspiration, you don’t need to advertise it with your poor costume planning.

fresh-again-available-from-satin-stitches-1When you have sweaty, stinky costumes use Fresh Again®  to eliminate those odors. It is a safe, timeless, tested product that will remove the odors from your costumes and uniforms. It does NOT work instantly. You must spray Fresh Again® on the inside of your sweaty garments and allow the product to dry overnight. Your garments will be odor-free in the morning. This product does not launder your costume, it removes the odor, and it does not add a fragrance.

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