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Hot Costume Care Tip: Freshen up with Fresh Again

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Feb 18, 2019 @ 06:02 AM

  • Most designers market their own “designer fragrance” but not at Satin Stitches. We continue to market a special NON-fragrance spray that eliminates the nasty odors that are created when dancers, cheerleaders, ice skaters and other performers work up a sweat.
  • Specialty fabrics such as Mystique or holographic costume fabrics cannot be dry-cleaned and may not survive hand washing very well.
  • This product has been around for decades and has been tested by Satin Stitches Ltd.
  • It has been found to be safe on all types of performance fabrics and trims.
  • This product is a water-based chemical that has been proven to be non-allergenic, and safe for most users.

The product does not work instantly – it works when the garments and shoes are left to thoroughly air dry – at least overnight.

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Hot Costume Care Tip: Costume Repair Service

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Feb 04, 2019 @ 06:02 AM

Take advantage of our Costume Repair Service

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Hot Costume Care Tip: Is Cheap at the Top of Your List?

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Dec 24, 2018 @ 06:12 AM

What is your criteria for ordering team costumes or uniforms?

Is ‘cheap’ at the top of your list for choosing team costumes?

‘Low bid’ may get you cheap, but what else might it get you?

  • Costumes that may not survive a rigorous performance season because of lack-luster manufacturing processes.
  • Costumes that may require alterations to make them fit your team because of a lack of size options.
  • Costumes that may not ‘work’ for your routine because they were badly designed.
  • Costumes that may not be re-orderable, if needed.
  • Costumes that may not arrive when you expect, as they have no guaranteed delivery policy.
  • Costumes that may not launder as you expect, and you end up with ruined costumes.

Satin Stitches’ custom costuming may not be for all dance and cheer teams, or show choir groups, but when you need unique, well-made and well-designed garments, please consider our services.

If you would like to try a less expensive alternative to our custom costumes, check our customizable costume options in the Web Store.

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Hot Costume Care Tip: Last Minute Sizing Alterations

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Dec 17, 2018 @ 06:12 AM

Do you need LAST MINUTE sizing alterations for any of your costumes?

Work with a seasoned, professional alteration person or company (such as Satin Stitches), who should know what is possible or not.

Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Extensions can be added to the crotch of a leotard to extend for a longer girth. (More can be added it you are adding a skirt, pant or short over the leotard).
  • An added section of fabric can be added below the waist area of a biketard, if the biketard is worn with a skirt over it.
  • Decorative belt-style bands can be added to lengthen the torso of everyone’s unitard.
  • If design features aren't in the way, side seams can be taken in. The center back on a costume may also be taken in.
  • If matching fabric is available - a gusset (added piece) can be seamed into the side seams or center back of a garment to extend the width.
  • Collars can be extended. Pant legs and sleeves can sometimes be extended. Both can be shortened or taken in.
  • Bodices can be nipped in to create a more contoured shape.

There are many creative options that COULD be used if you have a little imagination and sewing expertise!

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Hot Costume Care Tip: Tips of Our Busy Season

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mon, Nov 05, 2018 @ 12:11 PM

  • Know when you need delivery.
  • Know your secondary choice of dates for delivery.
  • Plan enough time for the design/sketching process (we promise a sketch with pricing within 5 business days from when we receive all your information).
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Take Care with Laundering Your Team's Costumes

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Thu, Sep 06, 2018 @ 14:09 PM

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What Determines Costs for Custom Ballroom Gowns and Costumes?

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Tue, Sep 04, 2018 @ 16:09 PM

I enjoy writing and blogging about different design aspects of fashion and costume design to help enlighten you about what are the best choices for creating or purchasing your ballroom costume or gown. I haven’t discussed how any of your choices reflect on the price that you will pay for a costume or gown. That’s this month’s topic!
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Rhinestone Embellishing Demonstration from Satin Stitches

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Wed, Aug 15, 2018 @ 14:08 PM

There are many ways to attach permanently heat-fused (Hot-Fix) Swarovski rhinestones.
At Satin Stitches, we have 3 options, 2 of which cannot be used by the hobby rhinestoners, as you need specialty equipment (A T-shirt heat transfer machine or an ultra-sonic rhinestone attaching machine) that we have. But the third method is shown in the video below.
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Rhinestone Embellishing a Satin Stitches Web Style with Rhinestones Unlimited

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Fri, Aug 03, 2018 @ 14:08 PM

We asked Rhinestones Unlimited to ‘decorate’ our new Web Store Style #D12000. We created the CAD pattern, cut and then sewed the costume together, including hand-placed embroidered floral appliques that we purchased from Rhinestones Unlimited. We used six appliques Style #DIY Vinca A and Vinca B. The appliques are sometimes cut apart and placed to create the look we want. This particular style is our favorite from Rhinestones Unlimited.

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What makes an UGLY costume?

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Thu, Jun 28, 2018 @ 16:06 PM

I am generally a very positive person, and I grew up with “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”. I was shy as a child and therefore never had a problem with this!

I have posted many hundreds of blogs where I have critiqued costumes. Costumes from the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”, costumes from many a Red Carpet and costumes from various dance team competitions. I have always tried to stay positive, but sometimes it would be very educational for EVERYONE, if I called attention to an ugly detail on a costume or if an entire costume had no redeeming qualities. I am always striving for more beautiful costumes in the world. The world would be a better place if no one had to wear ugly costumes!

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