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Guest Blog: What to Wear to a Pro Dance or Pro Cheer Audition

Posted by Guest Blogger on Mon, Apr 09, 2018 @ 11:04 AM

ProMotion Dance knows elite audition prep for professional dance teams and cheer squads. The founders, Brittany Hagan & Jessica Runnels have danced for both the NBA and NFL with a combined 15 years of pro experience. They have accolades like Rookie of the Year, Cheerleader of the Year, Captain, Pro Bowl Cheerleader, Most Professional, national pageant winner, Miss America state interview award, and an MBA. They have all of the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your dream of making a pro team.

ProMotion Dance was born as a way to guide young dancers cheerleaders into being able to perform professionally. There are so many tricks of the trade that having known back when they first began that would have made their lives easier. So, they have created a digital audition training program for dancers as well as offering private coaching sessions and choreography for dance teams. Get their audition tips and sign up for a FREE audition training program  here. 

We know that if you are in audition prep mode, you are likely feeling overwhelmed with decisions, exhausted, and full of questions!

One of those questions is always "What is the perfect outfit I can wear to auditions to make me stand out?"

We are here to save the day! We have teamed up with Satin Stitches, which makes some of the most beautiful customizable dance and cheer apparel!

Pro dance audition outfits and pro cheer audition outfits can be tough to determine because many times you can't try them on- you just order them online most of the time.

1.) Follow the dress code the coach sets forward. This will be one of the first chances you have to truly follow their instructions. If the coach says crop top and shorts, you need to ensure your outfit exactly fits that description. If the coach says it needs to match the colors of the team, you need to stay very close to the EXACT colors (yellow, not gold, etc).

2.) Choose one or two highlight features. When choosing the right audition apparel, you need to know what areas on your body you need to pay special attention to. This can be either wanting to highlight an area, or cover an area that needs work. Make sure your chosen outfit can do this! Try to stay away from so much going on, that you're highlighting every area. Think sparkle all over, ruffles, patterns, etc. Our rule of thumb to ensure your outfit is not over the top is to choose two features. So, if you want to frame your face, maybe you have a ruffle or high neck collar. Then, you know you've been working hard for killer abs, so you get bottoms with a v cut and add some sparkle there. Two is enough, trust us, you want the judges looking at your dances and your face!

3.) Choose a flattering color, not just your favorite. We are all tempted to choose an audition top and bottom that are our FAVORITE color. However, you need to be extra cautious that that color is right for your skin tone and hair color. It needs to be cohesive. Ask a friend in the beauty business (hair colorist, makeup artist etc) if they think the color you're looking for goes with your palette.

We have asked the team at Satin Stitches their favorite audition tops and bottoms for this season and linked them below to get you started!



Pro Dance Team Audition Outfit Pro Cheer Tryout Apparel

Satin Stitches Mesh Sweetheart Halter Tryout Bra Top C2027

NFL Cheer Auditions Outfit

Sexy Sweetheart Dance Audition Halter Bra Top C2036



Then, Jess and I have chosen our favorite Satin Stitches bottoms!


Dance Team Tryout Apparel Clothing

Belted Audition Shorts S2010


Dance Audition Shorts

Banding Accented Audition Shorts S2004

How cute are these? Love the flattering shapes and innovative design of all of these choices! If you want to hear more from Satin Stitches on how to choose the perfect audition outfit, check out these articles!

Body Shapes and Audition Styles

12 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Audition Style

If you want anymore specific help or advice on choosing the outfit that is perfect for YOU, check out our digital audition training you can do from anywhere or schedule a private video chat with us!

As always, best of luck with audition.

Promotion Dance, is offering a special discount for Satin Stitches readers - 

20% off of the audition blueprint digital training  OR a private coaching session with Jess or Brittany.


This article was submitted originally posted March  26 2018 by Promotion Dance


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