How to choose correct sizes, using our Generic Sizing Samples

  • Try your Custom Sample on someone with the suggested measurements for our Sample Size.
  • When you are critiquing your “first in production sample”, please refer to our form titled “Fit and Performance Checklist”.
  • Once you have completed your Checklist, you can choose your sizes.
  • Critique how you want your costume to fit, with a Sample-Sized person–the looseness or tightness can be changed for your Custom Sample. (These changes will occur proportionally on all sizes.)
  • Record how your Sample-Sized person looks in the sample – front and back.
  • Record how your Sample-Sized person looks in the same size Generic Sizing Sample.
  • Check your group’s basic measurements against our chart – pick a Sizing Sample WIDTH size (with the MEDIUM length size) to fit.
  • This Sizer needs to fit widthwise AND then fit lengthwise.
    • Pick the SHORT version if the MEDIUM is too long.
    • Pick the LONG version if the MEDIUM is too short.
    • Need help deciding? – CALL us during our shop office hours or email and request a conference call the following day, during our shop office hours.
    • WE CAN MAKE additional custom length versions of your Custom Sample for an extremely tall person, for example. Call us to discuss.
    • Note: Because of different, possibly not-as-stretchy fabrics that may be used for your Custom Sample…your actual Custom Sample may NOT fit exactly like the very stretchy, Generic Sizing Samples.  This is important to understand.
    • Correctly RECORD your sizes on our SIZE ORDER FORM – you are responsible for ordering correct sizes. We do not exchange or alter your costumes, without a fee. An option, if you choose the wrong size, is to then order an additional costume in your new, correct size, at your expense.
    • Email AND enclose your ‘Critique’ and SIZE ORDER FORM ASAP to not delay your order.
    • Box up and ship your Custom Sample AND Sizing Samples to us immediately, via USPS, UPS or Fed-Ex. (All items need to be enclosed in plastic, inside your box. And please insure your package.) You are financially responsible for the return of your Custom Sample AND all Sizing Samples.
    • Please forward your tracking number to us. We will confirm when we receive your package.
    • Make an appointment during our regular shop hours if you wish to personally return your Custom Sample and Sizing Samples. (Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM except for holidays.)

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