We Love our Show Choirs!

Why?...Because we love themed show choir costumes AND it gives us a chance to work with men's costuming (which we don't have the opportunity to do, very often). We work with many varsity and JV high school and community choirs to create unique-to-them costuming, whether it is a formal look or a fun, themed look for your show choir dresses. With our nearly 40 years of custom, performance-costuming design and manufacturing experience, we have been working with all types of fabrics & trims, silhouettes & styles and all types of body shapes and sizes.

Sweet Adeline style groups have found us, and we are excited to say that we have costumed many of these choruses! Themed show choir costuming is always exciting to do, and no one does it better than Satin Stitches. Head Designer, Deborah J Nelson has an extensive collection of costume books and movies to refer to, in addition to sourcing the Internet. Favorite eras include the Roaring Twenties and the Elegant Thirties. All eras, including the future are within our scope of expertise - making them stage presentable and very danceable.

And the best part? We can fit EVERYONE with our hundreds of possible sizes, all available with our fitting Sizing Samples for quick and easy ordering of show choir costumes.

And if your budget "needs some work", we offer HUGE SAVINGS with our Simply Sew! Service, where you to sew your own costumes, but with our expert help and guidance.