We are thrilled that the popular show "Glee" is influencing more singers to want to be a part of Show Choirs, across the country.

We continue to work with many high schools, middle schools, and community choirs to create unique-to-them costuming, whether it is a formal look or a fun, themed look. With our over 35 years of custom, performance-costuming design and manufacturing experience, we have been working with all types of fabrics & trims, and silhouettes & styles.

And the best part? We can fit EVERYONE with our hundreds of possible sizes, all available with our fitting Sizing Samples for quick and easy ordering.

And if your budget "needs some work", we offer HUGE SAVINGS with our Simply Sew! Service, where you to sew your own costumes, but with our expert help and guidance.

Satin Stitches creates TIMELESS costuming. Shown here – purple show choir dresses for Totino-Grace HS, MN as first created in 2003, and then worn again in 2010. Our costuming is an investment and can be worn more than one season, either by your group or another. The garments are made to last and designed to look fashionable in a few years. And if matching fabrics and trims are available, we are always able to do reorders.

Totino Grace Show Choir featuring custom show choir costumes designed by Satin Stitches.

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"...we won NDA Nationals again!!! We got so many compliments on the tops you guys made for us (as always). They were stunning on stage and sparkled just right..."

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