Ordering Your Satin Stitches Professional Dance/Cheer Audition Costume

We offer many options for ordering Satin Stitches Professional Dance Costumes, Cheerleading Apparel or Tryout Costumes! The least expensive is to order from our Customizable Web Store and do your own embellishment. Otherwise, note all of our options. And if you love our styles, realize they are ALL customizable for your entire team!

Step Two Satin Stitches

Do you like any of these styles, but with a specific style change?

If yes - call  or email us during our office hours of Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Central Time Zone, and reference any of these customizable web styles and ask us to quote a price for you.

Step Three Satin Stitches

Do you want something totally unique?

If you want something totally unique, email us a photo or sketch of what you have in mind.  We will then send you an estimate.

Step Four Satin Stitches

Prices for Customizable Web Styles with NO style/pattern changes are about $100-200 per outfit. Prices with minimal styling changes (but without the addition of any rhinestones) will be about $200-300.  Adding rhinestones is an additional cost per outfit.


Step Five Satin Stitches

Prices for a totally custom design may run about $500-600 depending on styling, fabrics and amount of rhinestone embellishment, and are based on our shop rate plus the costs for all materials. This does NOT include individual fittings (which would be an additional cost).

Step Six Satin Stitches

Once your design is decided on, including an estimated cost, you will be billed via PayPal, for an approximate 50% of the cost, in order to place the order. Once your costume is completed, we will bill you via PayPal for the final payment, including shipping charges.

All costumes need to be paid in full, prior to shipping. Any custom costumes are NOT returnable unless they are defective, and then they will be repaired and returned to you.


Step Seven Satin Stitches

We offer a wide range of sizes. Plus we offer larger cup sizes, to accommodate a full D or DD cup size. You will need to pick your sizes when you place your order.

Step Eight Satin Stitches

We will mail you fabric swatches for you to review if you request this, and time allows. Otherwise, we can email photos of fabrics for you to choose from.

Step Nine Satin Stitches

If you wish to order a custom solo costume and you wish to have a partially-completed fitting, an approximate extra charge for this service is $50-200 more than without a fitting. For this service, you are able to critique the fit and styling and make changes. We partially complete your costume and send it to you.

You give us feedback via photos and verbal communication, and then send the costume back to us, for us to restyle and then resew your costume. It can take several additional hours to do this, but you then have a truly custom designed and fitted costume.