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Posted by Deborah Nelson on Oct 6, 2017 9:08:00 AM

Starettes Christmas Costume designed by Satin StitchesEvery passionate costume/fashion designer considers their designs to be their ‘babies’…and some of our babies have come home! Starting in 2006, Satin Stitches lovingly created promotional kickline costumes for the fabulous non-profit organization that created the ‘Starettes’ an amateur dance group emulating the Radio City Rockettes, in Minnesota. Team members were made up of former Minnesota High School dance team members and current amateur ballroom dancers (who still loved to do high kicks!). Our designs could have proudly been worn by the actual Rockettes as we didn’t really spare any expense in creating these iconic costumes. The first season, we created a take-off of the iconic red velvet and white fur ‘Christmas Spectacular’ costumes.


The following years we created cobalt blue, emerald green and silver/white costumes. The Starettes were featured performers at many area Christmas/Holiday ‘kick off’ festivities (pun intended) until the organization disbanded.

Sleigh Belle Dancers 2015 Kickline Costumes designed by Satin Stitches.jpgThe red velvet costumes were purchased by another amateur kickline group ‘The Sleigh Belles Dancers’ and have moved on in the world.

Starettes MN Performance Dance Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Last year, the Minnesota Dance Collaborative purchased our white velvet and white feather-boa trimmed jackets especially to be worn over other costumes to help with keeping our Minnesota winter weather at bay.

Illuminaires Dance Costumes designed by Satin StitchesWe had worked with this organization to create ice blue costumes and then we reworked a pre-purchased gold costume for them.

Old Starettes Costumes designed by Satin Stitches

Satin Stitches is donating all three sets of costumes to this group to use as they wish, in their Christmas/Holiday performances in the future. (And yes, they have taken up the baton for dancing at various Twin Cities venues around the holiday time.)




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