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North Central High School Customer Spotlight

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mar 29, 2019 6:00:00 AM

North Central Pirates5At Satin Stitches, we LOVE getting our creative juices flowing with ‘our’ talented high school show choirs. High school show choirs have moved past what the television show ‘Glee’ presented. Currently, the most competitive show choirs have a varsity group of equal numbers of boys and girls (ranging from 20-30 of each) and then a ‘starter’ or JV group of maybe 50-65 girls.

These performing troupes generally present at least 3 totally different songs/looks/performances during their ’15 minutes of fame’ on stage. Sometimes Satin Stitches creates all 3 looks, and sometimes we are tasked with creating only one of their looks. We are happy with creating the most challenging looks! When these groups can source their costuming from ‘ready-made’ companies, online, they are able to save money. Satin Stitches contributes our incredible creativity with our specialized custom costuming.

Pirates North Centra High School Show Choir designed by Satin StitchesMost show choirs will outfit their entire choir in the same design, but many competitive choirs will work with a color and design palette and request one-of-a-kind costumes for all of their performers. Obviously this is much more intense. We may create 3-5 totally different patterns and then individually cut each costume separately in different fabrics to field a theatrical presentation with diverse costumes.NC Pirates7

NC Pirates1Here is an example of the pirate costumes that we created for the ‘Descants’, the all-girl choir from North Central HS in Indianapolis, Indiana this season. From 4 completely different base patterns, we created 52 one-of-a-kind costumes with white and ivory as the bodice and brown, black, burgundy and copper laces, velvets, meshes and basic spandex fabrics.

We love the final look!North Central HS IN Pirate Show Choir Costume designed by Satin Stitches



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