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Proportionately correct uniforms for teams with both Adult and Child Sizes/Cedarburg WI

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Nov 10, 2018 9:29:00 AM


This season, Satin Stitches had the opportunity to work with the ‘Cedarburg HS Dance Team’ along with their younger group of ‘Cedarburg Poms’. They just competed last weekend.

Here is what they had to say,

“Working with Satin Stitches was great. I love that we can order more uniforms whenever we need to and the process is easy and free of hassle.”

"We are very, very happy with them!!"

"Got lots of photos and the uniforms looked beautiful!"

"Thanks so much – our team looks beautiful and we appreciate what you did for us."

We created 13 Child Sizes and 33 Adult sizes…running from Child Medium through Adult XL. Their chosen style is one of our budget-friendly Web Styles that can be ordered in ALL of our sizes: Child, Adult and Extended. And ALL of our sizes are available in SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG torso, sleeve and leg lengths to get totally proportionally correct fit for all your team members, no matter their ages.

Cedarburg  Costumes designed by Satin StitchesAt Satin Stitches, we are experts on fit and proportion. We offer sizes that range from XXS-Child through 6X Adult. Nothing is more important than having costumes that fit EACH and every dancer, proportionally. In my numerous blogs that deal with how to achieve flattering costumes for all…the key is having the costumes FIT. Teams look better in correctly fitting costumes or uniforms.

Poms3We worked out our measurements for all of our sizes over the last 3 decades and we feel that we have perfected them for our clients. Be aware that every company develops their own sizing, so that you may not fit the same size from various companies. Please take the time to peruse each company that you order from, and what measurements they recommend for each of their sizes. As in ready-to-wear fashions, sizes vary, and additionally it depends on if you wish a tight fit or a loose fit.

Knowing when to and how to, accurately proportion for very small or very large garments is very important. I’m sure you have all seen the unfortunate oversized Adult cheerleading costumes on very small children. They may be cut to the correct width of the child, but they sometimes are not cut to the correct length of the child.

This is one of my Pet Peeves: when I see uniforms on kids that just do not fit them, lengthwise. They may fit widthwise, around their bodies, but when skirts hang down to their knees, while the skirts of older kids hit mid-thigh, I cringe! Another give-away of improper sizing is when particular accent details are the exact same size on a Small Child as on an XL Adult. These accent details should also change proportionally. One size does NOT fit all.

Here are several photographs that I’ve pulled that show incorrect proportions for the little girls, compared with the older girls. It is one of my Satin Stitches missions to provide accurately proportional costumes and uniforms to all of our clients!

Non-Proportional fit - Satin Stitches BlogWe have worked with many groups that include a wide variety of sizes, and we have successfully created correctly proportioned uniforms and costumes for these teams. If your team needs special attention to proportionally fitting costumes, please contact us.



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