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Zionsville Choralaires Show Choir Customer Spotlight

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Mar 17, 2018 11:20:00 AM

At Satin Stitches we create. We create custom-designed performance costumes of all types, for all sizes and shapes. Our show choir clients use us as a resource for very unique, themed costuming, whether historical, futuristic or fantastical, for both their girls and their boys.

Additionally, we offer less expensive customizable styles that are more traditional. We are currently designing new styles for inclusion into our Web Store. Right now, we offer basic dance pieces, such as leotards, pants, shorts, skirt and some dresses. In a few months, we will have additional basics and some unique costume options added.

The process:

Flapper inspiration for Zionsville Show Choir

1. We ask our client for their visual inspirations and their notes on their thoughts on fabrics, silhouettes, colors, and specific needs for their costuming, such as ‘need to quickly pull-on over something else’. 

2, We research the particular historic period or the style of show choir costumes requested (we have a huge in-house library of historic costume books, movie/musical photo books and dvds, plus scores of Broadway show ‘picture’ books besides the Internet searching).

3. We use Adobe Illustrator to create sketches to present to our client and once we have feedback, we provide a second, updated round of sketches, along with sourcing possible fabric options, which we then swatch and mail to our clients. Swatch card Zionsville Flapper sketch-1 from Satin Stitches.jpg
Zionsville Flapper sketch-2 from Satin Stitches.jpg Zionsville Flapper sketch-3 from Satin Stitches.jpg
4. Once our client is happy with the design – we price it out and discuss any need to minimize the pricing which may include redesigning.
5. We email an official estimate for our clients to issue a PO or to order with a deposit. Once ordered – we then purchase fabrics and trims, create the unique CAD pattern and proceed with creating a prototype. Diamond dress-pattern updates from Satin Stitches.jpg
Diamond Sample Dress from Satin Stitches6. When completed, we send your prototype along with generic Sizing Samples to critique and help with size choices. Fringe Dress sample from Satin Stitches.jpgSample tie dress from Satin Stitches.jpg
7. After any changes to the prototype CAD pattern, we then put the garments into production. And once they are completed, we ship the final order.



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