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Totino Grace Show Choir - Through the Years...

Posted by Deborah Nelson on Apr 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Over the years, I have spent many hours at Totino-Grace High School, both for Satin Stitches’ projects and for personal endeavors. Totino was in my kids’ High School conference so I have attended many, many basketball and football games, along with other activities. It is a very familiar campus.

Totino Gold+TerryMany years ago, Satin Stitches created fabulous ‘danceline’ costumes for the ‘E-Gals’. We have also created many show choir costumes over the last twenty years, working hand-in-hand with choral director, Terry Voss (who is retiring after his 29th season). Occasionally we created coordinating boys/girls costumes, and sometimes we created costumes for their unisex girls group. Totino Announcer - Paul Reyburn in a Satin Stitches created jacketWe even created the ‘original’ sequined jacket worn by their legendary announcer, Paul Reyburn (shown here).

We have created ‘pretty dresses’ and we have created many themed costumes. Last year, we supplemented their ordered-off-the-internet costumes by creating duplicates of their red/orange costumes and blue costumes, for their finale – done all in gold and silver (by Satin Stitches). This year we created beautiful black dresses which were a reprise of a gorgeous purple dress from 2003.

Totino PurpleTotino-6


Although I don’t have action photos of every single costume we have created for this very talented show choir, I do have many that I will share. It is definitely a trip down memory lane!

Gold+Slv-2 Totino Brown
Totino car racing group Totino blue boys
 Waitress  totino showchoir-orange
 Totino Green on Girls  Totino Fuchsia-cropped
 TG-duet-car  Totino HS MN show choir
 Totino Magenta Sequin Dresses-5  Web Totino
 Totino Vest  Totino09
 Totino Pin Stripe  Totino Red Fringe Dress1

We hope to continue our relationship with this talented Show Choir group, and continue to expand our clientele. If your show choir is considering custom, themed costuming, please keep Satin Stitches in mind.



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