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February E-News

It's February, a month practically devoted to pink and red candy hearts, over-sized teddy bears and, of course, L-O-V-E!  To show you a little love, we’re giving you several opportunities to view our Satin Stitches’ costumes in person. We will be toting our one-of-a-kind costume samples to the Minnesota High School Dance Team State Tournament at the Target Center in Minneapolis on February 13 & 14 and the 2015 NFL Cheer Director’s Conference in New York City on February 23. Special Discounts will be made available just for visiting our booth, so don’t be shy!

Although this year’s competition season is still in full swing and you may not have put much thought into what your costumes will be for next season, please keep in mind that you can save big bucks just by ordering early. With our ‘Early Bird’ Discounts available between now and mid-May, you can save up to 15% off your order.  Discount percentages get progressively smaller until they disappear by mid-May, so be sure to act fast.

If you missed out on our 2014 ‘Early Bird’ discounts, make sure you don’t let our 2015 discounts pass you by! Please check our rules and regulations in the link above to secure YOUR discounted costumes today!

A few of our 2014 NFL Director's Conference fashion show looks. We're excited to debut our 2015 styles!



HOT Costume Care 'TIP OF THE MONTH'!

One word: Fray-Check!


A high school dance team booster parent recently revealed that she was having issues with the sequined fabric on her team's costumes. She noted that some trailing plastic threads were exposed and looked as if they may unravel, causing the costume to lose its sequins. To fix the problem, this resourceful mom mentioned that she knotted the loose threads and tied them off. If you want to keep your costumes in good repair and prevent potential costume chaos, you NEED to be this conscientious when checking for loose and trailing threads!

There is, however, one additional step that I suggest in order to further prevent threads from coming undone. To protect your costume, use a drop of “Dritz Fray-Check” on the knot and give it adequate time to dry. This quick-fix liquid dries clear and you can use it to stop fraying on any fabric or trim. It should be included in any performance "Safety Kit" to keep costumes in good repair.

You can find this fantastic product in the notions section of any fabric store. 

Satin Stitches Ltd. is the only national custom costume manufacturer that specializes in high quality dance, show choir and procheer costumes and uniforms that was founded by a professional fashion designer. Satin Stitches Ltd. was created over 35 years ago, and has always specialized in custom performance apparel.

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