Real Custom... Real Quality

For Over 35 Years!

At Satin Stitches, we pride ourselves on producing couture-quality performance costumes and uniforms, right here at our showroom/production facility in Minneapolis. We have a passion for our fashion! Our mission is to costume you, our clients in your vision of perfection. Perfection in style, fit and workmanship. Created just for you, and totally unique for you and/or your team.

We don’t cut corners on quality and we don’t just simply 'customize' stock styles and call it 'custom'. You can only appreciate and understand our superior Satin Stitches quality if you see and wear it for yourself, as many nationally winning teams do. You will never see your costume or uniform on someone else, because at Satin Stitches, our costumes are “Designed for a Sensational Performance!”

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