With school administration professionals going on break for the next few months, the time to start your dance team order process is now!
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May E-News



Even though we're nearing the end of the school year and the winter professional sports’ seasons have just wrapped up, the new high school dance team season will be here sooner than we think! 

After spending years in the high school dance team world, we suggest starting next year’s order before the end of the current school year! Trying to purchase new costumes with the school administration on summer vacation can set you back by weeks (if not months). So, don’t wait until June or July to begin your order; start the creative process NOW!

Request a custom sketch for your team! Make sure that you leave enough time to consider your new designs and complete your ordering process. Take into account the time it will take to have conversations with our customer service staff and your fellow coaches regarding fabric choices, design questions, and more.  Then, take a look at our deadlines for Guaranteed Delivery to know when to start!  Be sure to forward your photos and design notes to us, to help us to sketch what you might be imagining!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Satin Stitches’ showroom and production facility, schedule an appointment this summer! Whether you live in-state, out-state or out-of-state, we would love to show you around! We create custom and customizable performance apparel for teams from all across North America and we would love for you to come and see where we do our magic!

We pride ourselves on doing everything in-house except for lettering (we partner with a local, experienced lettering company that does exceptional work). We have cutting, sewing, rhinestoning, customer service, marketing, illustrating and CAD patternmaking experts who collectively work together to create unique designs for your unique team!

HOT Costume Care 'TIP OF THE MONTH'!

Are you looking in your team costume closet and not liking what you see?

Perhaps you have...

  • Costumes that don’t fit your theme this year?
  • Costumes that don’t fit new team members?
  • Costumes that look sad or frumpy?
  • Costumes that just don’t have that "WOW" factor?

What can you do?

  • New theme? Brainstorm with co-coaches, directors or even team members, as to how to add something to existing costumes to help them fit your new theme.
  • New team members and sizes? Ask your costume source if they can duplicate your old costumes to make additional sizes that will fit your new team.
  • Costumes looking drab? Employ a talented alterations person or task a talented booster parent to give the costumes the ‘once over’ and refurbish as needed.
  • Lacking that "WOW" factor? To increase the glitz and glam, add rhinestones or accessories to refresh your look
And, finally, if you need a complete overhaul of your costumes, don't just let them sit in a closet somewhere to collect dust! Take photos and record sizes to sell your unwanted costumes to another group who just may appreciate a deal!  Then, with the funds earned from selling or lending out your costumes, you can purchase new costumes!

Satin Stitches Ltd. is the only national custom costume manufacturer that specializes in high quality dance, show choir and procheer costumes and uniforms and was founded by a professional fashion designer. Satin Stitches Ltd. was started over 38 years ago, and has always specialized in custom performance apparel.

For more information:
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