Men’s Measurement Chart

An illustration and instructions on how to, and what to measure for men's custom dance costumes and team uniforms and how it relates to our men's s measurement chart.

  • Measure snugly, but not too tight 
  • Have one person do ALL of the measuring and one person do ALL of the recording of the measurements. 
  • Measure over regular street clothes, preferably tighter fitting, not baggy. 
  • The waist measurement must be taken at the base of the waistband on the pants that they are wearing – we assume that this is where they plan to wear their performance pants. 
  • The back neck length needs to be taken to the base of the pants waistband.  
  • If you have questions on measurements, please call! Don’t measure incorrectly.
  • You are responsible for correct measurements, written legibly on OUR measurement grid.
  • Always measure the EXACT FINISHED LENGTH desired on pants.
  • NOTE: Please check with us to see which measurements are required for the specific garments you are ordering.

Men's Measurement Chart for Custom Costumes designed by Satin Stitchesicon-pdf PRINTABLE PDF