What’s New for May?

Many of your teams are transitioning to your 2019-20 season this month. As many organizations go into summer mode, don’t forget Satin Stitches! Right now, besides the couple of weeks left on our annual ‘Early Bird’ Custom Team Discounts, we have our Re-Order Special in full force, AND we are offering ‘recycle your dance costumes’ help.

In short, starting to make your costume plans for next season, THIS MONTH can alleviate any delays over the summer, when school authorities may be off on their summer schedule.

We also ask that you please continue to send your new, high resolution team and solo photos to us so we can see your fabulous Satin Stitches’ costuming in action.  We may also feature you or your team on our social media sites, so be sure to send those in as soon as you get them!