What’s New for March?

February was a busy, busy month, here at Satin Stitches. We are grateful that we missed the bad winter weather and allowed us to all work at full capacity. We completed many high school dance team costumes for groups all over the USA, and we completed several very prestigious HS show choirs with themed costuming for girls and guys.

Additionally we created a new group of Pro-Cheer and Pro-Dance audition outfits that have been photographed and added to our Web Store. These stunning new designs can also be ordered as Pro or College dance/cheer team uniforms. We will now work on adding new high school suitable styles, in the next few months.

We ask that you please continue to send your new, high resolution team and solo photos to us so we can see your fabulous Satin Stitches’ costuming in action. We may also feature you or your team on our social media sites, so be sure to send those in as soon as you get them! 

And, most importantly, they’re finally here: Our Early Bird Team Discounts are underway! Check out our ‘Web Only’ March Specials page for all the specifics!