What’s New for SEPTEMBER?


Now that everyone is back to school, performers all over the country are hitting fields, stages and courts again.

We are immersed in our work: our fall and winter design and custom dance/cheer & show choir costume manufacturing seasons are in FULL SWING! Thank you to our clients who are have already placed their custom orders with us. We LOVE your prompt and timely ordering!

If you are still contemplating what to do this season for your team costuming and need group costumes FAST, check out our Web Store for customizable options that ship much faster than our traditional, full-custom designs. We have SO MANY options for you!

And a reminder that we offer our generic Sizing Samples to help you to pick your perfect sizes! If you’re confused about our sizing process, don’t hesitate to ask us how our Sizing Samples can help you choose the ideal sizes for your group! (We offer SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG torso, sleeve and leg lengths in all our styles. These are available with full-custom and also with our customizable Web Store orders.

At Satin Stitches, we have GUARANTEED DELIVERY for our teams and solo/choir: Keep in mind that it seems EVERYONE wants delivery during our prime delivery dates of October through December. Plan ahead and don’t delay to jeopardize your guaranteed delivery. With Web Store orders, call us for YOUR special guaranteed delivery date!

New Custom? Send in your design inspirations as soon as possible so our talented designers can begin working with your team to create costumes and uniforms that are truly “Designed for a Sensational Performance!”

Call for reorder and new order information: 763-323-9507 or email customerservice@satinstitches.com Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Central Time Zone.