What’s New for March?

Are you waiting for Spring as much as we are, here at Satin Stitches?

Are you doing your final competitions this season? If so, don’t forget to start planning for NEXT season! And the best way forward is to get on board with saving money with our ‘Early Bird’ Custom Team Discounts. Check out our Web Specials Page  for all the information.

March is also a good time to assess your 2018-19 costumes before you store them away – check for cleaning and repairs: take care of any issues now, don’t wait for when you pull out the costumes next summer or fall. And if you will reuse these costumes – consider if you will need to place any reorders. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ can cost you money in the long run.

We would like to remind you of our referral program that gives each coach, director, or organizer a $100 Visa Gift Card for every new client they refer to Satin Stitches and places a new team order.  The coach who has been referred will also receive a $100 Visa Gift Card after placing their team order with us! To read more about the program you can click here send us an email at customerservice@satinstitches.com.

We also ask that you please continue to send your new, high resolution team and solo photos to us so we can see your fabulous Satin Stitches’ costuming in action.  We may also feature you or your team on our social media sites, so be sure to send those in as soon as you get them!