What’s New for January?

Can you believe that we only have one more year until 2020? Wow! We hope 2019 will be filled with success, happiness and many beautiful performances in your shiny new costumes!

We continue to design, create and manufacture costumes ‘For a Sensational Performance’. Additionally, we offer ‘after care’ with tips and suggestions for keeping your costumes and uniforms in tip-top shape, because we care about the longevity of your costuming.

Every year, and every month, we offer many options for teams and individuals to take advantage of savings programs with Satin Stitches. We list our “Web Only” Specials every month, online as well as with links on our Facebook page. We also highlight these special discounts and offers in our monthly e-News. Every year, as our season winds down, we offer our ‘Early Bird’ Discounts where groups who anticipate these discounts, take advantage of up to a full 15% Discount off our regular pricing ON TOP OF OUR QUANTITY AND PREPAYMENT DISCOUNTS! These will start in February, so start planning on saving money on team costumes NOW!

We know you that most of our clients are into the busiest time of your year, but we recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with all of our discounts and “Web Only” specials, at least once a month. Sign up for our monthly e-News for great reminders of our monthly specials.

We are also continuing our Referral Program.  This program gives each coach, director, organizer or leader a $100 Visa Gift Card for every new client referred to Satin Stitches.  The coach who has been referred and orders with Satin Stiches will also receive a $100 Visa Gift Card!  This program is brand new and will be effective immediately!  To read more about the program you can click here or send us an email.