September 2014

October, November and December are our busiest delivery season. That’s why, unfortunately, if you haven’t placed your order for an October or November delivery yet, you may be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a later delivery date, there’s still hope! You can get started with us TODAY, but you have to act fast!

Follow these four EASY steps to make sure you get your costume when you need it!

  1. First, fill out our FREE Team Costume & Sketch Estimate form. This is how we obtain all the information we need so that we can effectively work with you to transform your ideas into a reality. Solo dancers have no fear, we have an alternate form for you.
  2. Once we obtain your Costume & Sketch Estimate form, we really get down to business! Before you can place your order, you’ll be working with our designers to create the perfect look for your team AND your budget. YES, you read that correctly! When you choose Satin Stitches, you work with our designers to create your dream costume! The design process is an integral part of our costumes and uniforms, and we want to ensure that your costume meets each and every one of your high standards, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for this portion of the process!
  3. After you’ve finalized your ideas with our design team, you’ll be ready to place your order! We hold ourselves accountable to you by providing you with our Guaranteed Delivery Policy. Please note that we have an alternate Guaranteed Delivery Policy for Concert dresses and Show Choir designs. The clock starts ticking as soon as you’ve paid your deposit and placed an order! You’ll continue to work with our experienced design staff throughout the entire process - from paper to your prototype sample! We send this prototype to you to be critiqued. Together, with our design staff, you’ll then determine if there are any adjustments that need to be made!
  4. Finally, when you’ve given us adequate feedback and critique, we can then produce your team’s custom look!

The process is easy, now all you have to do is get your ideas on paper!

Submit your sketch today!