What’s New for September?

Now that everyone is back to school, performers all over the country are hitting fields, stages and courts again after a few months off. Hopefully your excitement about the upcoming season has never been too far recessed in your thoughts. It certainly hasn’t slipped our minds! We are immersed in our work and, as our fall and winter design and custom manufacturing seasons begin to pick up, we’ve been diligently working on designing, sampling, cutting, sewing and embellishing costumes and uniforms for you or your competitor’s custom team or performance costumes. Because we create totally custom looks, you can rest assured knowing that your competitors will never be wearing the same garment as your team!

We have a guaranteed delivery schedule for both our Dance/Pom/Cheer team clients and our Concert Dresses, Show Choirs and Soloists. Please check these important deadlines (and allow enough time in advance to work with us) so that we can design the perfect costume for your performance! You will never have to receive that dreadful phone call or email saying we won’t be able to deliver your outfits in time for your performance.

Please send your sketches or pictures of inspiration along with your completed ‘free team costume design sketch & estimate’ forms to give us a better understanding of what you are looking for in a costume! Once we have all necessary information from you, we aim to complete your sketches within five business days. Please remember that our delivery time frame starts when you place your order with your official school Purchase Order or approximate 50% deposit alongside your Order Confirmation Sheet and the approval of your exact design, including fabric and trim selections.

Unlike most of our competitors, we offer our generic Sizing Samples to help you to pick your perfect sizes! If you’re confused about our sizing process, don’t hesitate to ask us how our Sizing Samples can help you choose the ideal sizes for your group!

And finally, as always, we want to see your team photos and videos, so please be sure to email them to us at customerservice@satinstitches.com. We love bragging about how fantastic you look!