June 2015: What’s New for June

Teams often need their costumes ready by the fall, so here is your BIG reminder that orders need to be placed in June to take delivery in September. If you needed another reason to pay attention and place your order, we offer BIG discounts on Re-Orders this month as well! Our schedules can become more flexible at times, so we encourage you to check with us to see if we can deliver your order by August. We have a Guaranteed Delivery schedule for both our Dance/Pom/Cheer clients and a Guaranteed Delivery schedule for Concert Dresses, Show Choirs and Soloists. Please check these important deadlines and plan enough time in advance, to work with us to help design your perfect costume for your group!

Please email your sketches and with your completed ‘free team costume design sketch & estimate’ form. We try to complete your sketches within five business days, once we have all your information.

Always know how long your organization generally takes for all the preliminaries involved in placing your order. Add this amount of time and an extra week or so, to our ‘Guaranteed’ turnaround time, to know when you need to start your ordering process.

Our mission remains the same: we strive to create the best quality available in design, fit and construction, so that you can deliver a ‘Sensational Performance’ season after season in your Satin Stitches costumes. For groups, we strive to provide totally, properly proportioned costumes for EVERY body, no matter what size or shape. We know how important it is, for everyone to look and feel great in your performance costume.

As ALWAYS, we want to see your team photos and videos. Please send them so we can brag about how great you look!