May ‘Web Only’ Specials’

‘Early Bird Specials’

Our annual ‘Early Bird’ Discounts are nearly gone. If you hurry, you can still take advantage of the savings.

All Deadline Dates are FIRM – NO exceptions

Early Bird Orders Follow an 8-Week Delivery Schedule:

Orders placed by Feb. 28 (paid for & delivered no later than April 25) (15% OFF)

Orders placed by Mar. 14 (paid for & delivered no later than May 9) (12.5% OFF)

Orders placed by Mar. 28 (paid for & delivered no later than May 23) (10% OFF)

Orders placed by Apr. 15 (paid for & delivered no later than June 10) (7.5% OFF)

Orders placed by Apr. 30 (paid for & delivered no later than June 25) (5% OFF)

Orders placed by May 15 will be paid & delivered no later than July 10) (2.5% OFF)

These special ‘Early Bird’ Discounts are PERFECT for groups that like to plan ahead and take advantage of great pricing. Use your hard earned fund-raising dollars wisely and invest in fabulous costumes and uniforms from Satin Stitches.

You must submit a copy of this web page or reference our “Web-Only” Specials page to qualify for our ‘Early Bird’ Discounts.

Your orders must also be placed in accordance with all of our Satin Stitches' ordering policies, which we have listed on our ORDERING INFO web page.

You can also view our standard turn-around times for Dance/Cheer/Pom Uniforms, or Solo/Show Choir/Concert Dresses & Costumes. If you need your costumes or uniforms SOON, please be sure to check to see how quickly we can guarantee delivery WITHOUT Rush Fees.

Please call or email us Monday – Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Central Time Zone) with any questions regarding our ‘Early Bird’ Discounts.

‘Refurbishing Special’

  1. Email a photo with our costume request form.
  2. Tell us more of what you would like refurbished on your costumes.
  3. Once you decide to move forward, send us a sample costume or uniform:
    1. We will give you an estimate
    2. If you say OK, then we will transform/refurbish the first costume
    3. We will then price out the cost for the entire team’s costumes
  4. You pay for the entire order (Cash, check or major credit card) or issue an official school purchase order.
  5. We complete your order and arrange for you to pick up or to ship to you.

When you choose to refurbish your team’s old costumes in the month of May, we will give you one free costume!