July 2015 ‘Web-Only’ eBay costume BLOW-OUT SALE!

Hundreds of stunning prototypes, samples, and overcut items are simply taking up too much room on our showroom racks! To help us make a little extra room, we want to offer YOU some very special discounts on ALL of our eBay store costume listings this month.

Order your eBay costume in July to receive the following discounts:

40% OFF July 1
39% OFF July 2
38% OFF July 3
37% OFF July 4
36% OFF July 5
35% OFF July 6
34% OFF July 7
33% OFF July 8
32% OFF July 9
31% OFF July 10
30% OFF July 11
29% OFF July 12
28% OFF July 13
27% OFF July 14
26% OFF July 15
25% OFF July 16

24% OFF July 17
23% OFF July 18
22% OFF July 19
21% OFF July 20
20% OFF July 21
19% OFF July 22
18% OFF July 23
17% OFF July 24
16% OFF July 25
15% OFF July 26
14% OFF July 27
13% OFF July 28
12% OFF July 29
11% OFF July 30
10% OFF July 31

Last minute summer auditions? Check out our gorgeous NBA and NFL prototypes! Need a show stopping solo costume for an upcoming performance? Not a problem! We have many lyrical, jazz and kick prototypes from colleges and high schools all over the country that are now up for grabs!

Please note that most of our eBay costumes are cut in our sample size, Adult Women’s Medium. However, there are occasionally larger and smaller sizes available as well! Of course, some of these costumes will fit tighter and some a little looser, but we’ve included descriptions and photos in each listing to help discern which is which.

As with any of our specials, you must acknowledge that this is a ‘Web-Only Special’ BEFORE you make a payment on any item you buy. Please submit a comment to us, send an email to customerservice@satinstitches.com or call us at 763-323-9507 before purchasing to let us know you want to take advantage of our July discounts!

These deep discounts do NOT apply to the shipping costs of your item (we ship USPS-Priority) and they will decrease as the month goes on, disappearing completely by August 1st. Please note that you cannot ‘Make an Offer’ and receive these discounts.

Purchase your costume between the hours of 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Friday (Central Time Zone), to receive the special. Also, please note that we are NOT open/available for questions on Saturdays or Sundays!