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October E-News


It’s that bewitching month, when scary things can happen (such as worrying about your team or individual costumes)!  If you are concerned about your current, lackluster costumes, don’t fret!  Simply give us a call at 763-323-9507 or send us an email at customerservice@satinstitches.com and we can give you options for ordering new, beautiful, custom costumes from Satin Stitches.

Our owner, Deborah J. Nelson, is constantly writing articles and blogs for various publications, in the hopes that she will inspire dancers, coaches, studio owners and instructors to make smart costume choices.  Watch for our latest article in Minnesota Dancer Magazine, which is set to publish the first part of this month. We will share the article at www.satinstitches.com as well as on our Facebook page.  In addition, since the new season of Dancing with the Stars began in mid-September, Deborah’s weekly DWTS costume critiques have also been happening.  Don’t forget to check out our blog to see what she has to say about each costume featured on this popular show!


Besides our greatly discounted custom, one-of-a-kind sample dance costumes that we offer in our E-Bay store, did you know that we offer many that can be worn as, or incorporated into Halloween costumes? Because our sample size is women’s adult size M-Medium, most (but not all) of our ‘retired’ samples are only available in this size.

Although some of the costumes we offer in our E-Bay store might have a few very minor imperfections, many are simply extra samples in our inventory. So, if you are looking for something totally unique, check out our satinstitches eBay store!

Hopefully if your team or group is planning on new costumes for this competitive season, you have already started the design process, or you have already placed your order. It takes time to design and produce your unique designs, and unfortunately we don’t have a magic wand to instantly manufacture your every costume desire. What we do have, however, is enough ingenuity, artistry and persistence to meet your design needs and delivery deadlines. Who needs magic when hard work will do?

HOT Costume Care 'TIP OF THE MONTH'!

Be Aware of the Shortcomings of Today’s Costume Fabrics & Trims

  • All colors are not always available in all fabrics – we work with what is available and do our best to meet your needs, but certain prints or colors simply may not be offered in all fabrics.
  • Generally, stretch knit fabrics do not match non-stretch woven fabrics - These fabrics are made differently and therefore the colors are going to look different. Don't count on being able to find an exact match for a stretch fabric with a non-stretch fabric.
  • Costume fabrics today are not generally expected to be laundered, they are made for performances and many need a little extra TLC to ensure that they will hold up!
  • Holographic fabrics do not launder well, and many surface-printed fabrics, like Mystique and foil fabrics, will not launder well, either!
  • Lesser quality fabrics (like the ones many catalog companies use to cut costs) and even some higher quality fabrics that were created solely for their glitzy appearance, may not offer you the full stretch that you expect or need! Be sure to do a little fabric research before you purchase a costume!
  • Certain performance fabrics are not very durable. Avoid excessive stretching with woven/knit laces and sheer woven fabrics (such as chiffon). Pay special attention to caring for these fabrics to ensure durability.
  • If not lined, textured fabrics may be itchy and scratchy.
  • If rigorous performance costumes such as cheer teams are not properly cared for, bright colors can transfer onto white, even if pre-washed.
  • Rhinestones do not stick as well to shiny-surfaced fabrics, as they do to matte-finished surfaces, so be sure to treat these rhinestoned fabrics with a little extra TLC.
  • Be wary of non-glass rhinestones – acrylic rhinestones do not have the shine (light disbursement) that Swarovski and similar quality rhinestones have.
  • Ask your costume professionals what you can expect from the costume fabrics you like.
  • And, finally, be sure to read all of our blogs, articles, and paperwork regarding costume care! We know you'll thank us when you completely avoid a costume care emergency down the road!


Satin Stitches Ltd. is the only national custom costume manufacturer that specializes in high quality dance, show choir and procheer costumes and uniforms that was founded by a professional fashion designer. Satin Stitches Ltd. was created over 35 years ago, and has always specialized in custom performance apparel.

For more information:
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