Ordering Instructions/Guidelines for Ordering Custom Team Uniforms

To ensure prompt delivery, please follow these ordering instructions. If you have ANY questions, please call or email our office. We will be happy to walk you through the steps. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, Central Time, except for holidays. Appointments are available during this time, or on specially arranged evenings or Saturdays. Please note that during our busiest times, these hours can expand somewhat and during our slowest times, they may contract slightly.

  1. Fill out our Team Design form. Submit your design or design ideas with this form, or in a separate email. Convey to us, the look you wish to achieve by submitting a sketch via fax (black & white only), email (a jpg file) or by mail. Send your sketch with written notes that include your ideas for fabric colors and types, and any other pertinent information.
  2. Our Satin Stitches® design team will email a sketch to you. Fabric Options will be noted and can be scanned and emailed, or physically mailed to you. If needed, we will include estimates and options that would raise or lower the price of your design. This copyrighted design remains the property of Satin Stitches® until your order is placed. If you decide against ordering from Satin Stitches® for any reason, this original sketch remains the property of Satin Stitches®.
  3. Place your order after deciding your exact design details, by any of our listed payment options. Please allow plenty of time for this preliminary design production and approval. We recommend 13 weeks of lead-time, AFTER your order is placed (not when you first send us a sketch), whenever possible. Please refer to our guaranteed delivery policy. Complete our ORDER CONFIRMATION SHEET and fax, email or mail it to Satin Stitches®
  4. When time allows, and you wish to proceed with our ‘No Strings Attached’ sample PRIOR to placing an order, you need to pay our $200 Sample Fee (sorry, no Purchase Orders for this, only payment via credit cards or organizational checks, please). Upon receipt of this payment (which will be applied to a future order of the same design) we will move forward with the patternmaking and sample-making of your sample. We create this prototype from fabrics and trims that we have on hand – they generally will not match your exact fabric choices, as only when you have placed your order, will we order in your exact fabrics and trims. Once this prototype has been created, we will be able to price out your design, including pricing for any changes that you wish. The pricing for this costume will be based on actual labor and materials costs. This option is only available if you have sufficient time to allow for this additional ‘up front’ work. You must allow an extra 4-8 weeks for lead time when taking advantage of this option. All samples remain the property of Satin Stitches®. If you choose to not follow through on your order, you will not be refunded your $200 Sample Fee and you must return the sample to Satin Stitches®, as this nominal fee does NOT cover the costs incurred in creating a custom costume. If the sample is not returned to Satin Stitches® in a reasonable time frame, you will be billed for the ACTUAL patternmaking, cutting and sewing labor along with the ACTUAL material costs incurred, to create the sample. These ACTUAL costs could be much higher than the sample fee.
  5. Once your order is placed for your custom designed costumes, it cannot be cancelled. The exact number of garments ordered may be increased (provided there is enough fabric and trim available) or decreased (subject to a price change). Placing your order is a contract for our services.
  6. Satin Stitches® ALWAYS produces a “First in Production Sample” for you to critique. After your order is placed, we order your exact fabrics and trims. Once these supplies arrive and we have had the time to complete your pattern development, your sample is cut, sewn together and embellished according to your approved sketch. This sample is generally available 4-weeks prior to when your order is due for completion. This “First in Production Sample” is shipped to you, if you are unable to critique it at our shop. We discuss if any minor style or fit changes are necessary to perfect your design. Because all your fabrics and trims are custom ordered for your design, changing the materials is not allowed, without additional fees. Minimal style and fit changes are expected and will not affect the price. If dramatic changes occur, the final price may need DESIGNED FOR A SENSATIONAL PERFORMANCE! adjustment. We will discuss all options at this point, during your critique.
  7. Your group will need to pick sizes for your custom costumes. This may be done by either picking these sizes off of our size charts, or you may request our SIZING SAMPLE garments in a similar silhouette (style) to what you are ordering, to help you to determine what sizes to choose. All sizes must be chosen and submitted to Satin Stitches® by the time the “First in Production” sample is approved, or your final order may be delayed. Please note that special sizing such as larger Cup-Sizes is available.
  8. Your custom designed performance costumes are delivered to your door! All deliveries within the continental US will be shipped by fully insured UPS ground service, unless otherwise requested. Shipping Costs include handling and full, High Value Insurance. Expedited shipping will be billed 'at cost' depending on the expedited services required.
  9. A RUSH FEE MAY BE CHARGED for any order that must be guaranteed for delivery in advance of our PUBLISHED DELIVERY SCHEDULE. These must be OK’d by Satin Stitches® IN ADVANCE. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Please allow enough time.


Satin Stitches® has kept all custom patterns used for all of our group orders, dating back to 1978. We will reproduce reorders of all costumes, providing matching fabrics and trims are still available. A SAMPLE COSTUME MUST BE PROVIDED and included with your ordering information. Reorders can sometimes be delivered somewhat ahead of our guaranteed delivery schedule, as no pattern development is needed. Please check with Satin Stitches® to determine delivery availability.

Please contact customerservice@satinstitches.com for pricing for all reorders. Pricing will depend on the cost and availability of matching fabrics and trims that were used in your original garments.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. Always inspect your shipment immediately. If there is a problem as a result of our error, it will be immediately taken care of at no charge to you. You must call or email for a return authorization within 2 weeks of receiving your order.

We will inspect the return and either repair or replace your costumes. If there is a problem because of your error, we will make every effort to alter or adjust your costumes as quickly as possible. You will be billed according to our shop rate, payable upon receipt.

All items are custom-made to order and cannot be returned or exchanged if they are made according to your instructions and measurements.