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February E-News

Gear up for "Early Bird" Discounts!

Eden Prairie HS, MN

Our annual 'Early Bird' discounts for new, group costumes start March 1st, so get started on your prep work by getting your designs ready. Here is our sketch sheet for you. It can take several weeks to present your design ideas to us and then to determine exact details, including fabrics and trims. Being prepared can help you to take advantage of these discounts, right away.

During our slowest production time of our year, we offer HUGE MONEY SAVING EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS in order to bring in work for our fabulous Satin Stitches employees, when most of our clients are wrapped up in your competitive season and not thinking about NEXT season.

If you and your team have been saving up for new performance costumes, NOW is the time to place your orders and save money OVER AND ABOVE any of our year-round discounts that may be available to you. If you have a Satin Stitches Gift Certificate, you can also use these for additional cost savings!

Click here for the full sheet of rules and regulations. Save a full 15% off your entire order if you order no later than March 1st. Each half-month period offers less of a discount. So plan on placing your orders ASAP!

Hot Costume Care Tip of the Month

Take advantage of our Costume Repair Service

(We have ALWAYS done this, but we have never really promoted it, before!)

  • Start with filling out our quick form
  • Attach a photo of your costume(s) that need refurbishing
  • We can simply repair or clean your costume(s)
  • Or, we can re-design or transform your tired, old costumes into a new style
  • We can embellish your costumes with a few rhinestones or sequin trim
  • Or emblazon your costumes with hundreds or thousands of Swarovski rhinestones.
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