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June E-News

Smithtown-West-HS-Dance-TeamSmithtown West HS Dance Team from Long Island, New York, won a NDA National title this last season. Coach Tara Foglia told us…”This year we were able to capture our 4th in a row!  The costumes are what tie our routines together and one of the things that make us stand out amongst our competition. For the last four years (and counting) you (Satin Stitches) have made my vision come to life with the amazingly beautiful pieces you have designed for us. You have truly become the look of Smithtown West!” The photo is of the team, in their Satin Stitches costumes, taken the day that they won.

Satin Stitches is unique in that we ONLY custom design. We don’t ‘customize’ from pre-designed styles. Each order is created specifically for our client, whether it is show choir, dance team, all-star cheer, or any other style of group performance.

We pride ourselves on doing EVERYTHING in our shop except lettering (we work with a local, very experienced lettering company). We have sewing, cutting and rhinestoning experts, in addition to our customer-service personnel, and most importantly we have our fashion design, illustrating and CAD patternmaking design experts. We all work as a team to create your unique designs.

Prepare for your FALL SEASON by starting your design process with our sketch design staff. Download our generic sketch sheet or create your own. But get started right away so you can pick your desired delivery schedule. Choirs: keep in mind that your delivery schedule has a longer turnaround time. Don’t wait until it is too late!

Request a custom sketch for your team, now! Make sure that you leave yourself enough time to consider your new designs and to complete your ordering process. Add time AHEAD of our deadlines for Guaranteed Delivery.

Hot Costume Care Tip of the Month

What is your criteria for ordering team costumes or uniforms?

Is ‘cheap’ at the top of your list for choosing team costumes?

‘Low bid’ may get you cheap, but what else might it get you?

  • Costumes that may not survive a rigorous performance season because of lack-luster manufacturing processes.
  • Costumes that may require alterations to make them fit your team because of a lack of size options.
  • Costumes that may not ‘work’ for your routine because they were badly designed.
  • Costumes that may not be re-orderable, if needed.
  • Costumes that may not arrive when you expect, as they have no guaranteed delivery policy.
  • Costumes that may not launder as you expect, and you end up with ruined costumes.

Satin Stitches’ costuming may not be for all dance and cheer teams, or show choir groups, but when you need unique, well-made and well-designed garments, please consider our services.

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Satin Stitches Ltd. is the only national custom costume manufacturer that specializes in high quality dance, show choir and procheer costumes and uniforms that was founded by a true, professional fashion designer. Satin Stitches Ltd. was created over 35 years ago, and has always specialized in CUSTOM performance apparel.

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